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    Hi all!
    I am 45 yrs, and as I get older, it gets increasingly harder to control my weight. I did WW in 2006, and lost 32 kgs. Unfortunately, I have found 10 of those again :mad: and just cant get rid of them!

    There's always a reason why it doesn't work, but I think the main one is the stress at work. I was nearly made redundant 14 months ago, but was offered a promotion at the last minute. Well, what choice did I have?? Naturally I went for the promotion, but I hate the job :( I have been jobhunting ever since, rather unsuccessfully.

    I bought a treadmill 6 months ago, and even though I'm on it 3-4 times a week, all I have managed so far is lose the odd pound, only to find it again the following week. I comfort eat because I'm so stressed at work.

    But NOW is my time to shine! A friend of mine is going overseas for 3 months, and when he comes back just after Easter, I want to 'shock' him - in a positive way. 10 kgs in 12 weeks? Even 6 kgs would make a huge difference to me, to how I look and feel.

    I am looking forward to supporting one another on our way to success.
    Love to you all
    Anna :fingerscrossed:
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    Good luck Anna x
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    Slimming World Online
    Best of luck Anna! :) x

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