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    Just a quick hello and a very (Very) quick catch up with my journey so far.

    I'm a 42 year old 6 foot 2 Scottish male who up until very recently 'enjoyed' all that the Scottish diet had to offer. Ahem...
    I have been overweight all of my adult life. I had been quite skinny as a child but around the age of 8 or 9 the weight started piling on. Haven't a clue why, but it did.
    Stopped weighing myself a long time ago, but I do know that my peak weight was 19 stones or 266lbs.

    Fast forward to now.
    On holiday in June of this this year I noticed that my trousers were falling down where they used to fit. Had to put a belt on. I quickly realised that I had acquired an eating pattern which led to weight loss without even knowing it. Still didn't think much about it. Just accepted it as being quite good but fully expected it to go back up again to what I suspected to be around 17 and a half stones.
    A couple of weeks later in an evening workshop session with the blokes we all found ourselves on the scales for a laugh. As you do...

    Well I'll be **** - Sixteen and a half stones. That to me was a great result.
    It was also the catalyst to really try for the first time to consciously lose the excess fat and generally tone up.
    At that point I cut out the biscuits, crisps, snacks, fizzy drinks and all fried foods. Totally gone, not even as a treat. Takeaways gone as well.

    Right, I'm just as bored as you are now so I'll cut to the chase.

    As of tonight, I'm 205.2 lbs. I make that a loss of 61lbs from my peak and 40lbs from earlier this year.
    I've forgotten any feelings of hunger between meals and don't even begin to crave all of the bad stuff that I used to eat. Fruit and veg have replaced them.
    Light breakfast.
    Light lunch.
    Reasonable sized evening meal. Not too much, but enough to see me through to bedtime.

    That's it. Hope this boring story helps give someone a little bit of inspiration.
    I look for nothing more than a pound or two loss per week, but have never failed to be pleasantly surprised by a bit more than that every week.

    Thanks for listening. :eek:
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    Welcome to our friendly forum. Good luck on ur weight loss journey.
  4. IreneH

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    Hi and welcome. Well done you seem to have found something that works

    Irene xx
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