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Hello and a newbie


New Year and New me hopefully, got to make some serious changes so I have decided to rejoin slimming world.

I can't afford the classes as we are buying a house and paying off our wedding so hoping (maybe cheekily) to get the support and knowledge I would in the classes on here.
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Hiya, I'm new too and everyone seems lovely on here so I'm sure you won't feel like a newbie for long. This is my first time on any kind of plan. I was a bit apprehensive but seeing as my usual diet regime of religiously counting calories for two days before ordering Dominos wasn't exactly garnering positive results I thought it couldn't hurt!

I'm a little freaked out at the mo by how much I seem to be eating but I had a sneaky calorie count earlier and it actually seems similar to the amount I'd eat on a calorie restricted diet. Only difference is I'm full!

Good luck with your journey - I really hope it works out for all of us xx
Me too.

I am going to be asking hundreds of questions and reading loads of post.

I'm also going to start exercising more so together it should work.

I could never do calorie counting diets as I was always hungry. I like the way you can eat as much as you like on this diet
Hello - I'm fairly new too and also don't go to classes. I have found this site full of helpful people who are always available to give advice and offer words of encouragement. Good luck to you both. Julie x
Thanks Julie, you too.

I think the problem with calorie counting is psychological - I always feel deprived and it's a constant battle not to overeat. The good thing about SW is that you CAN eat as much free/superfree food as you want. It really makes me feel like there aren't any limits which tricks my treacherous piggy brain into thinking it's in charge.
I know what you mean. I was won over immediately I tried the SW chips. They are well nice :)

My mentality be4 was that, if I ate the tiniest thing, I would have ruined the 'diet' then would stuff my face until the next Monday to start afresh (every1 knows diets only work if they start on Monday right??). You don't have that with SW as there is so much to choose from that is allowed. Its hard not to feel motivated. Good luck with your first week x
I know what you mean. I was won over immediately I tried the SW chips. They are well nice :)
What ARE these SW chips that everyone keeps going on about? Must try.

I agree with you about the 'oh noes, I've eaten a packet of crisps, therefore my diet is ruined, therefore I might as well eat more and start again next week' thing. Seriously. Been there. Done that. It's my subconscious stamping its little feet and demanding pizza.
The chips are lovely - plenty of variations on the site - but basically they are par boiled then cooked in the oven with spray light. They turn out surprisingly good... and syn free, doesn't get any better than that. Not seen anything along the pizza line though - then again that would be too good to be true ha ha.

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