Hello Can i join you all please


:sigh: Hiya can i join in with you all please I have got something like 6 to 7 stones to lose and I will find it very hard to do It will be nice if all of us with alot to lose can all get together and support each other. I have not a clue which diet to follow as i have a sweet tooth and like treats. I will need some support and I will give you all support to. How are you all doing on your weight loss diets which is the best results diet.
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We are all on different diets and they all work when you stick to them. Some of us are on Very Low Calorie Diets -Cambridge Diet, Lighter Life or Lipotrim. Others are on more calorie type diet and attend meetings such as Slimming World or Weight Watchers. There are websites for Cambridge and Lighter Life so would be worth having a search with google
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welcome Bethany
you'll allways find a warm welcome on Minimins & esp on the WeMITT thread. There is a new WeMITT sticky started each Monday for us all to put comments on.
Whichever Diet you choose, good luck & make sure you read & post often