Hello Can i join You?


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:wavey: Hello nice to meet you all!!

I have just started Slimming World on my own from home so im hoping for a bit of support!

I started on monday and only had green days so far, just because of what i already had in the fridge not cos im veggy!
before starting i didnt eat much carbs so im feeling heavier than usual (trying my best not to weigh myself everyday, but its sooo hard!)
is it common to gain when first starting SW? or am i going very wrong somewhere? i dont actually know if i have gained i just feel i have, iykwim?

I've been giving myself 11 syns a day so far - so far of which has been on low fat mayo with my tuna, and i've got a thing about cadburys fudges so i treat myself to 1 a day:D

I havent felt hungry at all so in that respect its working for me so far, i just feel so bloated!! :sigh:

Dont want to give up so soon though!

Sorry ive waffled on ;)
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Welcome aboard hunni, no need to ask. I think most people have had the bloated feeling when first starting on green days, it will pass hunni. Try to avoid weighing yourself, sounds like your doing really well.

Ikkle xx


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Welcome to the forum and to SW. You will find loads of support and advice on here, it's a great place x


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Welcome to the forum - this is a really friendly place and you will find lots of help and support. Good luck!!!


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Hi and welcome - although a lot of us do feel bloated at the beginning if on all green days we still seem to lose weight and only the scales will tell you that after you've been doing it a week. Our consultant does say the ideal is to alternate red and green days but some people only have green days and have brilliant weight losses. Theres lots of support for you here - its good to meet you.

Mrs V

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Hi Welcome!
I do the SW diet at home as well. If you have followed the plan 100% and not guesstimated weights etc you will definitely have a loss, regardless of the type of days that you are having.

Good luck with your journey and stay away from them scales!! Lol


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hey there XXX don't worry bout it i weigh myself every day too lots of pasta n go's and low fat super noodles you can't go wrong cause there free . Good Luck XXX


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Hi and welcome, good luck with you weight loss journey. A few people feel bloated after green days, however it generally passes


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aaahhh welcome. I too started on Monday, we can help each other out. I worry about eating so much but all these people are proof that it really works.
I actually am finding green days much easier, maybe cos i like sweet things and can have rice pudding and cous cous cakes on green days lol.
I cant wait to hear how you're getting on hun keep writing


Mummy of 2!
S: 14st0lb C: 10st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 3st2lb(22.45%)
ah thanks for the lovely welcome :)

well i gave in this morning and weighed myself...was totally shocked to see i was -1lb!! and thats even feeling like a need a giant poo (sorry!) cant wait til monday now, gonna hold off anymore weighing til then. having a few red days now to see how much of a difference it makes then nxt week im going to experiment with alternating the red/green and see how that works for me.

thanks for all your replies! been reading all your sigs and its spurring me on seeing how much you've all lost :D


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Hey Amy get yourself a ticker. It really does help to see the losses. Try not to keep weighing yourself. I know its hard as I tend to jump on and off the scales at least a couple of times a day.


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:welcome: to the forum. I always have red days because green days make me feel bloated and sluggish. I find my losses are much better on red too but everyone is different. Good luck!