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Hello :D RubyStarlights Xenical Diary

Hello everyone,

I have been on this site in the past but haven't been here in a while and sad to say the weight is up up up :cry:

About me?

Well my names Vicki, I am student doing Films and also a full time mum to a wonderful son who is almost 4. I am married but also like girls. I love chocolate and going out for dinner and wine with my friends. I love movies, making then and watching them.

Started taking Xenical on monday and so far only a little in the way of side effects but really willing to give it a shot now.

Anyway prob a bit much for an intro but feel free to say hello. Would love to make some new friends as I try to get healthy.:D
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Go on smile! =)
Im starting a film and animation course next year :p I love using photoshop and after effects. Goodluck with your journey Rubies x Thats my new nickname for ya ;P
Hey Red :)

Thanks for the really quick welcome. Aw I love photoshop too. I'm playing a little with the film editing, when you get into your course next year you will see how addictive the putting films together is. You seem to be doing really well so far. Good Luck with the rest of your Journey. :)


Go on smile! =)
Thanks for the really quick welcome
I sit here clicking refresh all day lol. Jokes x


gunna be a fatty for ever
dont let him foool ya hes always on here!!

good luck on your jpourney! will look forwards to reading your posts! i have a little girl same age as your son! also have 18 month old who thinks she is knockin 4 yrs old hahah

love katie
Hiya Katie,

Thanks for the welcome. :) Aw 2 wee ones. That must be a handful. My 1 drives me round the bend enough. Look forward to reading your posts too and getting to know you's both. xx


gunna be a fatty for ever
yes defo a handful!... ut its fab esp at bed time heheheh

speak sooon!

Okay so I am sitting here waiting on a baked potato. Ever since that Lurpak ad about how baked potatoes should only be baked I have only baked them, not sure why but it really spoke to me lol! So waiting and waiting... Why does it take so bloody long.

What should I have on it. I am thinking Tuna? Hmmm...

Have only had a bown of cereal today and for me that really isn't much so i'm quite happy with that.

Hoping all my fellow Xenical users are having a good day so far.

26minutes remaining on potato waiting!
Hiya...welcome...have what you fancy on the jacket...just not Lurpak lol! or cheese!

Good luck with your weightloss x


gunna be a fatty for ever
my fav topping at the min is cod in butter/parsely sauce both are in the rules! and only 98 cals a bag!

Hey ladies,

I ended up having Low fat cheese. So not too awful and I grated too much and actuallt put some back. I'm very impressed with myself lol! Have been snacking on those Bourban Biccies though and have a feeling there pretty bad. I was thinking about trying to follow the WW plan as well as taking Xenical. We'll see. :)
Just watch low fat cheese hun, as there are very few that are less than 5% fat...Philly Extra Light, laughing Cow Extra Light and Rosemary Conley are all less than 5%, but most *low fat* cheeses can be anywhere from 12-30% fat :eek:


gunna be a fatty for ever
yes ali i am yet to find a hard cheese thatis less than 5g per 100g!

id proper love one tho so if any one does please let me know xxx


gunna be a fatty for ever
The Rosemary Conley one is a hard cheese that is less than 5%, but I think it tastes absolutely rank :eek:
hehehe which supermarkets do get that from then? always worth a try! i love phily extra low fat so theres a slight chance i will like that heheh

i have to say i have never seen any of RC's food in supermarkets ali
It's advertised as being available in all major supermarkets, but to be honest I got it once in Tescos, and I've never seen it again lol


gunna be a fatty for ever
oooh will have to keep an eye out for it! worth a try anyway!


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