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hello everyone - advice

hi all,

Just joined this forum and have posted an essay on the intro page! I have pasted it below as it is mainly about my thoughts on whether to try and do lipotrim or not - would really welcome any advice from you guys doing it. I have about 4 and a half stone to lose and a BMI of 30 - 31. I also have four kids so will still have to be around food - especially as they all love it and have birthdays etc... to attend! Anything you can help me with gratefully received!

Hello post below!

Hi all,

phew plucking up the courage to join and even write this has been hard I am at a crossroads and I need to do something drastic I am not even sure which way one of the roads at my crossroads is heading but I know I need to make the right choice. I am 33 and have four children all five and under. My youngest is 7 months old and at the moment I am still breastfeeding her but think I may have to stop if I take some action to try and lose this weight I seem to have accumulated over the years! I weigh just over 15 stone and am 5ft 9 I have tried unsucessfully to lose weight over the past ten years. At my lowest I was a size 14 and now really should be a 22 or 22 but am still squeezing into 18s! elasticated waists and hipster trousers - so attractive! I have done Weight Watchers quite successfully but just can't seem to do it t the moment. I am a very positive and very happy person generally and love to be busy. I run two businesses and a toddler group and am on several committees, I fundraise for charity and mainly love my life. Anyway as a youngster I had the opposite problem - I couldn't put on weight and loved excercise. Now I hate excercise and find it painful and I bnge eat (had five donuts one after the other on Saturday just so my husband didn't know I'd had them!) I have signed up to do the moonwalk in London in July with all my cousins and Aunties, all size 12 or under and we have to walk 26 miles in our bras at night! Worst thing is it was my idea - was supposed to motivated me but I just can't stop this binge cycle. I keep thinking, it'll be my last day, I haven't slept, I'm hungry because I'm breastfeeding and other excuses. I have to do something drastic as my body is really getting my down. It is affecting ky realtionship with my husband as I am not at all interested in anything physical and I feel totally unattractive (not due to him!) It is really getting me down and I don't want my kids to get this bad attiude to food. My Mum and Dad are lovely people who live near but don't get it as they are thin! Mum just says - eat less and excercise more - I know that I just can't do it! Which is bizarre as I am a strong willed woman and I know all the theory so why can't I do this. I am considering Lipotrim as an option but don't know if my family would support me doing this or whether I would find it too tough having to still make kids foods and go to places where there is food. Bt there i always an excuse - kids parties, friends wedding in April, Dad's 60th in May, holiday at end of May etc.. etc.. I love food - good and bad and I do eat healthy stuff too so why is this SOOOOOOOOOO hard. Have plucked up the courage to go and see my doctor on Thursday as I would need their permission to do Lipotrim anyway as I have epilepsy (totally controlled by meds). I am thinking of writing a note explaining how I feel (maybe just copy and paste this essay!!!) so I don't wimp out and put my usual happy face on and say oh I'd just like a bit of diet advice but I'm ok really! I'm not - I feel down about it - obsess about it and my knees and hips are starting to ache all the time, I don't wear skirts or dresses as my thighs rub together and when I sit for any length of time I can feel pressure sores (not really sores but can't think of another word). The reason Lipotrim appeals is that it may a) help break my addictive binge habits I have when I am bored or low b) stop me picking which I am a total nightmare for c) has no grey areas - I tend to cheat and stretch them as far as I can d) has fast results which I feel mentally I need at the moment before I become generally depressed rather than just depressed about this one area of my life.

Any ideas and suggestions gratefully received!
Sorry for the essay!
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Hi & :welcome2:
I could have written that post myself last year. I was unsure about how I would manage to not eat anything at all, but I did it for 16 weeks. Have a chat to your GP as your baby is still a dot but if the Doc agrees I would go for it. There is always someone on here for support.
Let us know how it goes.
Good luck. :D


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Hey! I think if the doctor ok's it you should give it a go, even if just for a trial week to see how you are on it! Although you will probably have to do the refeed for a while, but still thats only a couple of weeks!

Im only on day 2 of it, and being around food is hard, but Im lucky and dont have to cook for anyone! I have heard that cooking for others is hard, but I know that there are loads of people on here who do it and still stick to the diet! Being busy should help lots too! :)

I think the best thing you can do is talk to your GP about it and stay strong! :) Best of luck!! xx


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Welcome first of all and congrats on choosing the LT forum, :D:D
You have already made a decision to consider loosing weight otherwise you wouldnt be here, 15st & 4 kids under five, well done you. I am 33 have one girl 6 months and went up to 17st 6lb. was determind not to buy any clothes over size 18, now im getting back into my size 16's.
Your also still breast feeding and you need to keep up with a healthy diet for your lil one, unless you plan to stop and giver her formula? I am not sure if you can do this diet while breast feeding, would need to ask.
You must decide if this is for you as its quite a big commitment and it does take some will power, this is not easy for the first week. You will be hungry, tired and irritable. But once you settle down into ketosis it gets easier.
You seem to have a pretty busy lifestyle and maybe that will help on this diet, but you are faced with all kinds of situations like partys and invitations out. Its up to you how you wanna play, stick or eat and try agagin, be warned this can go on and on. Some people on here have been doing this for a long time and come back to shift a little bit more from xmas and its really hard to get back on track.

Please don't get me wrong, this diet is fab, it should make you also think about what your eating and how much. When you are due to come off you need to change the diet you had before, no binge eating in excess. proper meals and small treats. You dont want to gain all you lost.

This forum is great for support and someone is here all the time.

Maybe you should see your gp or nearest chemist that does LT programme and get some advice and info first.

If you have already made up your mind then we welcome you with open arms to loose weight :D:D:D


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Hi Hun, this diet is hard when you have little ones, just cooked mine pizza and it almost drove me mad but its also worth it in the long run, I have lots to loose too and hoping the summer will see a new me lol take care and good luck with whatever you decide :)
thanks for all your messages, so friendly and encouraging. Have got the appointment to see docs so will take it from there. My local chemists does Lipotrim and it is opposite the dr.s - they are pretty friendly so I am hoping that my GP will be positive - she is usually pretty nice. My hesitations are the age of my youngest as she is still not sleeping through and has quite severe reflux but I think that I may give up breastfeeding her anyway. I am also not sure about my holiday to france in May and whether not eating would ruin it - what would I say to my 5 year old - don't want her to think that missing meals is the way forward - to me this is extreme. I am sure I will have the will power. How long is average to lose 4.5 stone or do you only lose some on th meal replacement and the rest when you maintain?


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Usually 1 stone a month on average. So by July you will be there :D
It's up to you how you lose the last bit a weight. Some get close and then lose the last half stone on re-feed/maintenace and some lose the whole lot and then re-feed. Your chemist should advise you near the time.


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hi and welcome to the forum, if the doc gives you the go ahead and I cant see there being a problem my advise is take 1 day at a time you already have something to work towards with regards the moon walk my hat goes of to you having lost just under 4st myself cant imagine myself walking around in my bra LOL!!!!!!!!
anyway have a look at the threads theres some fantastic support on here and you will always find someone who is having the same problem/struggle as you at that moment the site is brilliant for venting your spleen if need be

All the best with what you decide
c u soon

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