Hello everyone! confused and in need of THinspiratoin!

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  1. Wobbly71

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    I am currently on cambridge diet and am really fed up!!! Been 5 weeks now and sick of the sight of the shakes, fancy some real food.

    So I am posting on the boards for some advice please in deciding what to do next!!!

    What is the weight loss like on this plan?

    I will exercise 3-4 times a week (which I can't at the minute on the shakes, no energy)

    How much do you reckon I could loose by xmas!!

    Any other advice or inspiration as to why this diet is the best!!

    Ha ha

    come on sell it to me, pleaseeeeee.......

    Very confused at the minute, although the weight loss is good it's not doing 'me' any good the way I am feeling.

    Thanks eveyone love x x
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  3. Wobbly71

    Wobbly71 Silver Member

  4. RecoveringChocaholic

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    Hi wobbly you can expect to lose 1-2lbs a week you may find you have a gain when or if you come off the packs
  5. mrsm2007

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    weight watchers now slimming world!
    yeah ww says 1-2lb a week is an average loss. if you exercise loads you'll earn activity points which you can eat and save, but if you saved them all it would be counter productive. if you decide this is for you then you find out more info when you get your welcome pack i guess x
  6. littlemiss

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    Hey Wobbly,

    You would be making a good decision if you decided to calorie count using WW. I would love to be able to go on CD myself, as I know I would lose weight quicker, but I would get too fed up, I need actual food.

    I think your in quite a good situation to use WW to calorie count, as you said you would be exercising if you started, which you haven't been doing already, so even if you do gain an extra 1lb or 2 in the first week, it would come back off again if you start exercising, and by the time your 2/3 weeks into the diet you will really see the results..its great motivation that you can actually have things that you like to eat. If your on CD you've not got anything to look forward to in the way of food.

    The great thing about calorie counting/WW is that you can literally eat whatever you want (as long as its within your calorie limit) and you will still lose weight, this was hard for me as I was used to a packet of biscuits rather than just 1..but it does still take away the craving and gives you something to look forward to for night time. I'm on 1000 cals a day, which is low but I am never hungry. I use WW food but I haven't actually signed up for meetings ect.

    Take a look at my weight losses in my signature. The weeks where i've lost more than 2lbs have been the weeks i've exercised. I've found that I lose weight every 2 weeks, which is fine. I've lost 4 stone since Jan, but i've not been great with the exercising, so I would definately have lost more if i'd stuck to exercising 3 x a week.

    When I first started out It really helped me to write down what I eat. I kept a notebook and after dinner I would write in what id ate so I could work out what cals I had left for night time snack, but it was good for looking back on, at the weeks where i'd lost more weight.

    Anyway sorry for the long reply!!

    Good luck chick
  7. YummyMummy2B

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    Heya, I moved from Cambridge to WW about 3 weeks ago. I had a week inbetween where I ate normal food. I was really good infact but still managed to gain 10lbs over about 10 days. Showed me that Cambridge really wasn't for me and I probably would of gained all the weight I tried really hard to loose in the first place.

    Good news is I lost 7.5lbs on my first weigh in! Im on week 3 now and loving it!
  8. smilerjen

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    I couldn't do Cambridge either, I love food! Weight watchers will work but as the girls said you may find you gain at the start. Stick with it tho and you will get fabulous results if you stick to your points! Good luck!
  9. DappyMare

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    Hey Hun, not sure if you've made a decision yet...but i'd highly recommend weight watchers. Just wish I had done it from the start instead of trying cd as would be at goal now instead of heavier haha, Cambridge diet is great for fast losses but if you do lots of exercise and stick to your points you'll lose just as much but maybe a month or 2 slower with weight watchers....whats 8-12 weeks when dieting! Simple things like being able to have a skinny cappuccino in starbucks, and having nice salads has made me so much happier on the couple of days i've been back to weight watchers than my weigh in days on cd ! At the end of the day hun, only you know what is right, but posting in forums i find you'll only get one sided views, of course people in cd are gonna say don't leave the diet, and people on weight watchers are gonna say yeah it's a great diet as every diet is personal to us, and thats why we chose it. good luck with whatever you do. x
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  10. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    Hello i think i can relate to this question as i started on ww then moved over to C.D in April did it for a push to reach goal lost about 21 lbs its been 3 weeks back on ww now gained 1 lb last week as i didnt point my foods.!

    Today's wi lost 1 lb so its slow but i havent gained any weight since coming off C.D the cost is so much and my CDC wanted me to go up the plans to 1200-1500 i said no because of the price's really.!

    But i know now i will not treat myself with food get heavy amounts.!
    Im now a happy slim size 12 and will carry on with ww to reach my own goal for christmas now.!

    Give ww a go chick.! give me a shout if u need any of help. x
  11. *Shanny*

    *Shanny* Gold Member

    I must be lucky then as it wasnt till week 3 after doing C.D i gained 1 lb but hay if u come of C.D and eat crap foods fatty foods again u will gain the weight and more. i have loads of salads fruits veggies ryvita's yogurts that's my everyday foods.!

    Last nite i had pizza, crisps BUT small amounts and was happy and content didnt go for more.!

    If i could i would go back to the C.D but as im healthy BMI now i cant really but by far the best diet for me.! and now i will look after my body with good foods.!!
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