Hello Everyone, just joined.....


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Hi guys xxxxXX,
Just joined this forum literally seconds ago. I googled "Overeaters Anonymous London" to see if their was a meeting close by sometime today as its my day off. I got side-tracked (I think I read somewhere that "procrastination" was a smokers lot in life and see....I'm doing it again, or perhaps I'm simply rambling, another of my major deficits) Anyway, I was intrigued by a google-friendly post sent in by a guy with the Username Mr.Creosote. I read the rest of his post on this forum, and was pleasantly surprised that it was A) Only a week old, hence quite a busy forum B) I liked what he had to say about "trigger foods" and immediately decided I must start looking out for them (after being a sometimes enduring, sometimes failed dieter for the past 30 yrs and new to this possible fact) and felt that although Mr.Creosote was posing a question, he very thoughtfully included a very interesting fact which made incredible sense. This of course translated as being a forum with much heart and I became very interested immediately hence here I am :D. C) Although Overeaters Anon has obviously not yet been much topic for conversation, I may be able to contribute something to the forum at some near-future point, as Mr.Creosote made MUCH sense re Wrong Eating Habits and Addiction and the AA. D) As an ex-Slimmers World, ex-Rosemary Conley, Ex-Atkins Dieter.....maybe being a member of this forum may give me the impetus to start another mainstream healthy eating plan as well as join OA for the mental stuff <smiles>.

Really looking forward, just hope I haven't bored you all with my long hello is all :eek:

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Hi BB and welcome to minimins. :wavey:


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Hi Just joined to!
Really need to find a life long healthy eating plan. Not sure wether the right road is something drastic first to get the weight off then a sensible plan to continue with after. I am impatient thats why im contenplating this. Any suggestions on what would be the best plan.
Im 28, quite active and feeling very motivated.


Is determined this time..
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Loads of newbies!!i am one aswell ;) good luck !!XX


Is determined this time..
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I am hours on it :) i seem to be getting there ...i wan a big flashy profile..the more time i spend on this the better ..not counting the days away ;)


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Hi, I only joined the other day as well! Loving the number of new people here, as well as more established and helpful ones! Good luck, you make a lot of sense! xxx


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Hi and welcome xxx Good luck :)