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Hello everyone!

About 12 days ago was debating starting the cambridge plan. Was doing a bit of research and found this site.

Thanks to all of you - I am now on day 8 (SS) and going strong. Not cheated yet but can't stop thinking of food ?

I started off at 268lbs and yesterday's weigh in 253lbs!! Whoop whoop!

I know this week on the weight loss is going to be slower but still thinking positive and going to stay strong (with your help of course!).
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That's a fantastic loss, well done! :)
Thank u...

But I must confess. I have been contemplating cheating the whole day. Just a little bit of grilled chicken or boiled egg. I haven't given in but oh so want to.

And the best part is I'm not even hungry. Just wanna nibble ?
Hey you x I have just done 12 weeks on ss plus!!! And lost nearly 3 stone x dont cheat!!!! What I did everytime I needed something I had a piece of cucumber x from week 2 it gets Sooooo much easier I promise x
Thanks Emma!

Can I really nibble on cucumber?

I went to the gym last night and again this morning. Did half hour brisk walk on the treadmill. Feeling great. It knocked me out last night. Didn't have the energy to prepare anything so didn't cheat :)
They do say not to ex revise for the first few weeks on ss cos you will be burning more than your eating and you will be poorly!!! Cucumber is fine. It just stops the chewing cravings! N also if you can drink fizzy water with the water flavourings it makes the water intake so much easier x


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well done you!.i admire anyone that has massive results dieting that way!.. now that's commitment, id love to hit that with a view of hitting a massive weight loss for this summer!!.. but think id be a right pain to live with with!
Thank u Emma and sam!

Will get me a cucumber on the way home in case I feel nibbly tonight.

Re the exercise my counselor did say not to do any during week 1 as my body woul be adjusting to the changes but after my weigh in she advised me to start brisk walking at least 3 times a week. And I'm not doing anything strenuous. I walk about 4.5km/hr for 30 min.

And I have gone through life being the big one in any gathering. Always having to go to the plus size stores for clothes which cost a bomb! I am determined to take this all the way. I wanna shop at a regular store with my friends ;-)
Wow well done. That's superb. Keep Tongue good work. I might have to try the cucumber trick myself x
Hi Emma

No I didn't get the cucumber yet. Having busy days at work n the daily gym keeping my mind off food till I get knocked out at night (to sleep like a baby :)).

But the exercise is doing me good. Feeling more energetic now.

Will be buying some tomorrow as a 2 day weekend looming and I'm sure to feel the cravings while parked on the couch watching tv.
Oh. Thank u rohansmum and rhibennet! Am really giving it my all this time...


Determined to succeed ...
Well done you - keep up the good work
Thank u all!!!

Emma. A question about the cucumbers. Do I need to peel them before eating? I read somewhere that I should??

Going to be leaving the office in 2 hrs for the weekend and was going to grab cucumbers on the way him :)
Weekly WI. I'm down to 248.5 pounds. And - one dress size down. Can't wear my 24's now. They looking like pajamas. Had to dig out some 22's this morning :)

Thank u all or ur support!

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