Hello Everyone


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Hi everyone!

I have been lurking on here for a couple of weeks now while trying to decide whether to stay with AAW8 and make do without some items that I really wanted or to switch to S&S. I live in the Middle East so the courier charges are almost the same as a month's supply of vlcd products! So it made sense to switch and I must say that the service that I received from Rob was excellent.

I tried a lemon bar today...yummy! The porridge was definitely nicer than the AAW8 one and the spag bol was delicious. I will go for the 3 pack option I think plus 225ml of skimmed milk per day and I would like to add a meal in week 8(and every 4th week thereafter) using the AAW8 guidance. Is this all okay on S&S?

I am in week 6 now, having lost 19lbs in the past 5 weeks on AAW8, and look forward to getting to know you all on this journey.

I am trying to decide now whether to finish my remaining 3-4 days' supply of AAW8 packs or just get onto S&S(and store the AAW8 packs for a rainy day)? Not sure though whether I could resist a bar tomorrow...giggle! giggle! My WI day is Monday.
Maka x
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Hi Maka, welcome to S&S! We're quite relaxed over here and there is no one to tell you what to do, and I think most of us have our own take on the diet. Many of us have done other VLCDs and swapped over to S&S so you're not alone :). You'll already be familiar with the need to keep in ketosis etc. so as long as you stick to the main golden rules and have 3 - 4 packs and not more than 1 bar per day then you'll be fine. The milk thing isn't generally something that people do here but some people do add milk to their tea / coffee so it's not that dissimilar. What do you do with the milk? Add it to a shake or porridge or drink it on its own? I generally make the porridge up with water (tastes just as good in my opinion) and then I have a cup of coffee with milk if I want one using the milk that I didn't use in the porridge as I can't stand black coffee.

As far as add a meal is concerned Lara posted a note in the frequently asked questions sticky at the top showing ideas for add a meal based on her Cambridge experience and there is another sticky on add a meal so you could either do something like that or do your own thing based on AAW8. As I said we're quite relaxed :).

You've just had 3 of my favourite items - lemon bar, spag bol and porridge. Hope you like the rest. If it were me I'd try the S&S packs first and use up the AAW8 packs when you want to. Some of us have mixed and matched and you could always substitute an AAW8 pack for a S&S pack on the odd day if you wanted to use them up.


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Hello Maka!
This diet is fab, good luck with your start and well done for the weight you've already lost x


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Hiya - lovely to have you here! Feel free to join in threads and have a chatter with everyone. You've done really well so far and I can't wait to see your losses on Slim n Save :)