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hello everyone

Hi i have just signed up to minimins, i stubbled across you when i was searching on the net for info about lipotrim.

I am thinking of starting this plan and just wondered if you guys could help me with some info. I have done CD before but no longer have a counsellor nr me and have put bak on quite abit of wat i took off in the first place lol. Is lipotrim the same as CD, wat flavours do you get and also do they sell the water flavourings like CD do? Is it all shakes and soups or do they do bars too? Is it complete meal replacement or do they have food weeks like CD does? oh and 1 last thing how much does it cost per week? I have found a pharmacy nr me that do it so i thought i might pop along there tomorrw and see wat they say. How long does it take before you can start the programmed once you have been to the chemist? I have no medical problems at all so i am hoping i can do it throught the pharmacy.

Gosh i am so sorry for all the questions lol. I really hope someone can help me because i am desperate to loose this weight again but i really do not know that much about lipotrim.

Thanx so much
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Hey there well good luck whatever you do but as for the difference I am not sure I can just tell you what lipo is like. The shakes come in choc strawberry, vanilla and chicken soup there are two 'flapjack' bars coconut and peanut I use the word flapjack very lightly!!

The prices vary very much I pay 22.50 but my friend pays 30 as she gets hers from a chemist!

Drink as much as you can. no flavours in the water I am afraid and only leaf tea or black coffee!!

But its cool after the first week! Hope I'm right and this helps lol

Good luck Hope xx
hi ... i have just started i went to local pharmacy and i bought the food packs straight away .. a lot of questions asked first bout health and stuff .. and whether because its just three stone i need to lose could i not do that with a diet proramme from them.. but i am like you in good health .. so no problems there and really just want to get rid of three stone to set me up for hopefully permenant slimness he he ... i am in my 3rd day and feel fine... and not to bothered re variation if you browse the site people have loads of ideas how to change what you get a bit ...and the cost for me was £36.. hopefully it will be worth every penny ....!good luck if you go for it ... x


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Unfortunately Lipotrim went up in price in January to £36. But on the bright side, there is less washing-up and, if you're a lazy cow like me, that means not using the dishwasher so a saving on electricity bills too. It's a win-win situation.

The flavours can get boring, but at least you don't have to think about what you're having for a meal. Avoid the flapjacks for at least three weeks; they can taste vile unless you're really desperate for something to chew on.

There are no food weeks as on CD; it is total food replacement. Once you're in ketosis (after about three or four days) then you shouldn't feel hungry; that's when your body is burning fat.

The key to this diet is water, water and more water, up to three or four litres a day (although people have differing views on this). No alcohol, no fruit juice or flavoured water or fruit teas are allowed. It's a very strict regime but the results are rapid and astounding. You do need to give the diet 100%. It can be very hard getting back on the wagon if you slip off, but there's a lot of great support on this forum.

Good luck.


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I was going to start this diet last week but i chickened out,ive now made an appointment for friday at my chemist.Its £38 but i sopose it will be worth it


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