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Hello - first time on here!

Hi everyone, first time for me on CD! I've done so many diets over the years and always failed in the end. This time, I'm sooo excited and I think this might actually work. I'm on day 2 and not doing too bad so far. Have headaches and did feel the hunger last night, but I drink over 2 litres of water so hoping that by tomorrow I will be in ketosis and feel much better. I can't wait for my first weigh-in next Wednesday!

Just wanted to say hello to all of you! Still trying to find my way around the various forums etc. ;)
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Hello, welcome and good luck on your weight loss journey!
Hello and welcome Mala. I got the headaches - I wasn't brave and took paracetamol caplets. Its tough at the beginning but well done on getting started- you will soon be in ketosis. I think you can drink a bit more water to help fill you up if you want.


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Hi Mala. Good luck on your journey! xx
Just wanted to add my Hello and welcome to the forum.. I look forward to reading of your progress!!
Thanks everyone! This seems to be a great place to chat and get support. I must admit I was a bit disappointed with my CDC (that is what you call them, isn't it - lol). From reading the info on the CD website, I had expected her to measure me as well as weigh me, and also discuss my target weight and spend more time with me. With other people coming and going, she rushed through the information and then told me to choose my flavours and pay!

So, I think I'll get more support from you lot on here! :) I look forward to getting to know you all x


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Ohhh no - my CDC is lovely, sometimes a little too nice.... LOL
The first time I went to see her, she took me into another room and talked to me about what I wanted, the kind of lifestyle I led and loads of other stuff before we even talked about the diet, she asked about my support network, and what I was aiming for.
When she was satisified that I was suitable for the diet, she then talked me through all the options, and filled in the paperwork before telling me about the flavours etc.

Now, when I go to see her, I get weighed, and measured, again all before discussing what supplies I need for the coming week...

My first appt lasted about 30 mins, but now I am in and out in about 10..

I suppose each CDC is different but if you are not happy with how you are being dealt with then tell her - I'm sure that she will be only too receptive to any constructive comments you may want to give...

hi and welcome Mala i start my CD journey next week when i see my CDC for second time, mine was lovely i was there an hour, i didnt get measured first time so i hoping she measures this time if not i will ask her. Goodluck on your journey, i have found this site so informative. i went and bought some Ketostix today so i will see when ketosis kicks in next week.


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Hi Mala & welcome to minimins - a great site with lots of lovely people and support. I'd ask your CDC to measure you, and ask for 5 minutes of their time at least. I look forward to my CDC visits. My CDC visited me at home the first time (at my request 'cos I was working from home and busy) and she stayed about 40 minutes. My 2 weekly consults so far have been about 15-20 minutes each. I feel very encouraged during and after my visits and think it is an important part of the CDC journey. Look forward to seeing your first WI results. Tx
I think my CDC only has clients 2 days a week, and newbies every
Wednesday night after 7.30, so maybe that explains why there were so many people turning up at the same time. I was ok though, as I had read up about the diet on here and the CD website so knew all I wanted to know. She is very friendly though.

Parisbeach - only a couple of days difference to our start dates, it will be interesting to compare results :)

MrsEssex - I'm in Harlow, where are you? There were quite a few CDC's on the website near my postcode so I just picked one. I'm sure she'll be fine, and anyway, I measured myself last night :)


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Welcome.. you will do brilliantly.. :) Look forward to your first weigh in.. you will be amazed im sure :) x
Hi Mala, I am a newbie too. I am hoping to start next week and get my weight off! Hope things are going well for you x


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Welcome and well done for picking the best diet in the world! You'll soon see fab results - and we love reading about them here so keep posting:)
Hi Mala, a late but warm welcome from me, havn't been on here much the last week. No other diets worked for me either, best wishes for your first week, seeing the numbers go down on the scales is pure joy!!!!
Mala- yes i will keep you posted on progress and i will look out for your losses too.
Welcome Mala,well you have come to the right place if you are looking for support hon. I will have done 3 weeks 2moro and would not have got through them without minimins.
Ask CDC to do your measurements when you next see her,as you can see below there was definately a difference in mine in just the first 2 weeks. My CDC will continue to do them every 2 weeks and every 4 weeks take some photos of me.Wasn't too happy about the whole photo thing but I also know that once I start seeing the difference it will inspire me to keep going.
Goodluck and will try to keep track of your progress.

Natalie xx

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