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Hello! First time trying Slimming World...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by sellierose, 26 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. sellierose

    sellierose Love to cook... and eat!!

    Hey everyone!

    Never been part of a forum before haha, this one seems so friendly I couldn't pass up the chance! :) I'm a student at university so this will be a challenge, I'm not a big drinker at all though so that helps... I'm currently 12st 8lb and I'd like to be 10st by my graduation in July, and my friend recommended Slimming World to me :) I literally started on Thursday so any advice is welcome, it's gonna be a learning curve but I can't wait to lose this weight and get my confidence back! :D :D :D xx
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  3. suki11

    suki11 Well-Known Member

    Good luck on your diet :) SW is a good diet, if you plan your meals you will probably save some cash too!
  4. babypat

    babypat Well-Known Member

    Hi welcome and good luck with slimming world.
  5. 1bigbetty

    1bigbetty Well-Known Member

    Hi. Nice to meet you. Hope to keep you company while we all do this together. I have met some really friendly and positive people here, i hope you enjoy it also. Have a great week end.:)
  6. sellierose

    sellierose Love to cook... and eat!!

    Thanks guys! It's looking like it could be pretty cost effective, I love cooking too so I don't mind making things from scratch! Currently tucking into a baked potato with tuna, sweetcorn and fat-free fromage frais with a side salad... can't believe this is free on EE!! :D
  7. suki11

    suki11 Well-Known Member

  8. sellierose

    sellierose Love to cook... and eat!!

    Mmm it was! Dreading Mondays weigh in though but fingers crossed, not started any classes yet as trying it out first but fingers crossed for a loss! Does anyone have any favourite recipes I should be trying? :)
  9. suki11

    suki11 Well-Known Member

    I use to like SW chips and an egg...
  10. sellierose

    sellierose Love to cook... and eat!!

    Sounds good, I'm yet to try the SW chips but they'll be part of tomorrows dinner :)
  11. sellierose

    sellierose Love to cook... and eat!!

    Thanks Lemhamid :) definitely do feel welcome!
  12. justjaybel

    justjaybel Member

    Hi sellierose, I'm new too! I'm in my 4th week of slimming world and so far find it easier than other diets I've tried. Slimming world chips or roast potatoes are my faves and I make good use of eggs and low fat supernoodles being free food as well lol. Good luck!
  13. sellierose

    sellierose Love to cook... and eat!!

    Hi justjaybel! :) ooo, I didn't know that low fat supernoodles were free! :D it's sad that I'm excited about that haha. The chips were lovely, just needed a little more browning in the oven I think. Made SW crisps too yesterday, in the microwave! They're so nice and apparently free too if you don't overindulge :) next stop will have to be SW roasties :p good luck to you too!! x
  14. sellierose

    sellierose Love to cook... and eat!!

    Thank you, welcome to you too :)
  15. Polly

    Polly Well-Known Member

    Hi Sellierose

    I just started SW a week and loving it so far, was on Atkins for a long time so its such a treat to be able to eat unlimited fruit and veg!
  16. sellierose

    sellierose Love to cook... and eat!!

    Hey Polly, it's amazing isn't it! I love the freedom you get... I lost 3lb on my first weigh in but hopefully that wasn't beginner's luck! :p
  17. Polly

    Polly Well-Known Member

    Not expexting good results this week, but thats ok it was my birthday and I had a few drinks and met up with a dear old friend and drank lots of lovely wine, so it was worth it!! Been good food wise so hopefully there wont be too much damage
  18. NLPoynton

    NLPoynton Active Member

    Welcome to SW! :D Good luck with your journey :)
    N x
  19. sellierose

    sellierose Love to cook... and eat!!

    Thank you :) xx
  20. Carmilla

    Carmilla Well-Known Member

    I'm starting this week too - good luck everyone!
  21. Polly

    Polly Well-Known Member

    I'm sure it wasn't, my losses will be slower as I was previously doing Atkins so I didn't get that first week boost, but I'm happy with the plan.

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