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Hello from a Newbie :-)

Hey everyone :)

I'm new to the site and the Slimming World plan. I lost 5 stone on Weightwatchers 5 years ago, got pregnant and then piled it all back on :cry:Finally bit the bullet this week, as the doctor very kindly :)mad:) advised me that I'm not getting any younger and that if I want another child, time is running out. Nothing like pressure as a motivator - right??

I'm a bit daunted by the task ahead of me, but having had a nosey around the site, everyone seems very supportive, so I'm looking forward to getting involved on the boards :)
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hey there and welcome to the site!!! thanks for commenting on my blog!
You are doing the right thing and its always dauting when you first start out and you think you have a long way to go but you will get there and you have a great incentive- a baby :)

Good luck with everything and keep us posted!!!! if you need anything, just shout!!!

Sammy xxx
oops sorry about the commenting on my blog bit lol that wasnt u!!!
Hi Vicky, I'm a newbie too. :)..!

I'm starting ww today done it last year and didnt lose much but I'm more determined now and hopefully will get the support/motivation from this site everyone seems to have done really good. Even if I only do half as good I'll be delighted. Good luck to you!

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