Hello from a newbie :)

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Bambii, 29 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. Bambii

    Bambii Member

    Hi everyone! :wavey::wavey::wavey:

    Just saying hello! Am starting weight watchers tomorrow :D My points allowance is 24 and i'm all stocked up at home with lovely healthy food. Have purchased a wii fit and joining the gym this week - am ready to go!

    Have done weight watchers before and did really well, only to fall off the wagon and not get back on!

    Have to get on with it and get serious now. I'm aiming to lose as much as I can by following the points plan and doing lots of exercise.

    Look forward to chatting to you all :D

    Bambii xxx
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  3. fitz

    fitz Lovin it !!! :)

    Hello & Welcome

    Goodluck x
  4. Hoping2LoseBig!!

    Hoping2LoseBig!! Silver Member

    Hi Bambii!!

    Good luck with ur weightloss im starting 2moro to after doing CD!

  5. Bambii

    Bambii Member

    Thanks girlies :) How did you find CD? I've tried it before and it's soooo hard - I need food! Admire people that do it as it's tough! xxx
  6. OneDeterminedChick

    OneDeterminedChick Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN

    Hi Bambii, and welcome (officially) lol

    Good luck on ur journey and all ur exercising.xx
  7. Bambii

    Bambii Member

    Thanks Shlinz :)
  8. honeykiss

    honeykiss Member

    Hello and Welcome.

    Good luck on your WW journey x
  9. fitz

    fitz Lovin it !!! :)

    Howz it going ? Hope you are ok :)
  10. jibalarter

    jibalarter Full Member

    Welcome and Good Luck of WW.. Keep us posted on how your getting on. :)

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