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Hello from a newbie

Hello, I have just taken the first steps to starting the Cambridge Diet. I have rang a consultant and left my details for her to ring me back. I did lipotrim last year and lost a stone and a half but sadly I have gained it all and I am now back where I started. I am very much looking forward to starting the diet. If anybody has got any tips or advice for it will be gratefully recieved.
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The best advice I can give is to have a good look around this forum and see the great help and advice that is already on here.

Don't be shy to ask any questions, if there is something in particular that you can't find an answer to.

Good luck and keep posting. :)


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Hello and welcome! This is a wonderful forum with some really lovely people. Feel free to ask if you need any advice. I've found that it's really great to talk to people who know what you're going through. Good luck on your weightloss journey.
Tess :)
Thank you Shanny, Fat Boy Slimmin, 16to10, Tessieg1 and MrsDannyDyer. My consultant rang me back and I am meeting her at 11am tomorrow, I can't wait to get started. MrsDannyDyer as you are a fellow newbie do you want to be my buddy? Actually can I make you all my buddies, the more the merrier. x
hi welcome and good luck on ur cambridge journey. let us all know how u get on with ur appointment in the morning. xx


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Good luck i saw my cdc today and i start tomoz . so im excited to lose the weight know .
Well I have now started the Cambridge Diet, as I wasn't seeing my Consultant today until 11 I had a cereal bar for breakfast that was 130 calories, and I have just had a strawberry shake for lunch. I got one of each flavoured shakes and soups (apart from the mushroom) and I got original flavoured porridge. She said I couldn't have the bars until I completed the first two weeks. :cry:
Hang in there Ellie, the day is almost over. I am also very hungry, sat here glugging water but not helping, think i might just have a early night and try and sleep thru it. x


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Hello! Well done on starting and well done for coming on here. This forum really helps with all the support that everyone gives each other. The first few days are difficult but seriously it gets better. Just drink loads and that will help with the hunger. Let us know how you are getting on
Well done on doing well for your first day, and good luck for your 2nd day. :D


reaching my goal
Goodluck . its my 1st day today should have been yesterday . Just had my porrige was a bit water , am i makeing it wrong ? Any tips on how to thicken it up !
Day 2 and so far so good, loving the shakes, they are so tasty, not bland like I thought they would be. I am feeling fine and in high spirits, loving this diet already. x


Needs some encouragement!
I dont think you are making it wrong? Mind you, when I made it I couldn't get my spoon through it and it was disgusting! You dont want it that way so watery sounds fine! Hope you are finding the diet ok?

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