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Hello from a newbie


Me as I want to look xxx
Hi there,

This forum is fab! I have been reading the threads for two days and must say he support is fantastic. I have just started on the female Lipotrim and get my first weigh tomorrow. What weight loss can I expect to lose generally?

I have not cheated once by the way LOL


PS am at work (with my shake in front of me :)) so will post a pic and my ticker when I get home.
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Back on the wagon!
Hi Merlin...you are so welcome.....I have been on LT for almost 6 weeks and the site has been a god send!! Great place for advice, inspiration and to get motivation!! Did you get to see the DVD when you got LT - its really worth a view cos it explains everything etc..... you loose about a stone a month on sole source....sometimes more depending on what you have to loose in total....there are some amazing stories on the forum of fantastic weight loss. Best of luck and keep posting about how you are getting on!


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Good luck hun, weight loss varies from person to person but you can expect to lose around a stone a month.

Do keep us posted on how you are getting on.


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Welcome Merlin,

On your first weigh in after a week on Lipotrim you can expect to lose between 5 to 10 pounds, sometimes more sometimes less, each person is different.

The first week you empty mostly your glycogen store and a little fat and after that the real fat burning begins.

Good luck with your weigh in.

Love Mini xxx


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Hello and welcome to the forum. I have only been here a few days and already I feel part of the family!


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That is what makes this site all the more special, we do help each other along. The help and support is great. I for one would be lost without minimins
Hi Merlin,
This really is a great site and the girls are good fun too! I have my first weigh in on monday so I would be very interested in hearing what you have lost. :)


Me as I want to look xxx
Wow! Whate wonderful replies and so quickly, you have made me feel very welcome. Thank you to you all. I will certainly let you know how I get on.

I really believe this is my moment to lose weight after years of increasing my weight and once at goal I know I will never ever eat like my past self. I look forward to the healthy options.

Kindest regards.

Hi there,

This forum is fab! I have been reading the threads for two days and must say he support is fantastic. I have just started on the female Lipotrim and get my first weigh tomorrow. What weight loss can I expect to lose generally?

Hi Merlin

Im on LP 8 days now and had my first official weighin yesterday and I lost half a stone :)

Its great here I find that if you are in doubt or feeling like a bit of food come here for a while and you dont want the food any more :p
Welcome Merlin :) Good Luck, you'll soon be posting how much you've lost !
Welcome Merlin!!

Im on day 5 now and having my first weigh in tomo (cant get to chemist on mon which is day I started) so although it will only be 5days loss, a loss is a loss! Will weigh on my own scales on mon.

My hunger is definately fading but not sure as yet if im ketosis?! Hoping I am and not realising. Weirdest thing is I seem to have plenty of energy and not tired but have not cheated at all!

Good luck to you Merlin, cant wait to hear your losing!! x
Welcome Merlin!! Join the happy LT family :)

Let us know how you get on with your first weigh-in - Jenni, you too, fingers crossed for you this morning!


Me as I want to look xxx
Hi again,

Got weighed Saturday (5 days in) and had lost 6.5lbs then weighed myself today, (the scales have the same reading as the chemist) and I am amazed.... I have lost 9lbs in my 1st week. Thankyou for your support.

My PC went down on saturday and I so wanted to read the forum, I was also a bit browned off as I usually have a couple of glasses of wine on Saturdays, but this has motivated me even further.

Thanks again for your support and best of luck to all this week.

Well done, I go for my first weigh in today and I have not even looked at the scales all week so I am quite apprehensive to be honest after a hard weekend!!
Good luck. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised. I have my first weigh in on thursday, after nearly 2 weeks on the diet.


Me as I want to look xxx
Good luck Rachel, I am sure you'll be fine. I know what you mean about weekends lol. I must keep more occupied.
Hi a beginner here!


I am on day 3 of LT and was SO pleased to find this site. I was just thinking that I dont know if I can do this afterall and I came and read some of your postings and I feel much better. Feel hungry today tho, a little light headed and I have a disgusting taste in my mouth BUT the headache has gone. Anyone know WHERE you can buy the Listerine strips from?

I have 2 stone to lose and have tried everything, W.W., S.W, Slimfast, but results were slow and I gave up after 3 or 4 weeks. I am really hoping that I will be able to stick to this.

First weigh in is on Thursday!!!!!:)

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