Hello from Northeast Ohio

Hey everyone!

My name is Bob and I am from northeast Ohio.

I've been a yo-yo dieter all my adult life starting in the 90's, but what always worked for me was low-carb, ketogenic diets. This year I decided I had to stop yo-yo dieting and make it permanent, and I took keto to the extreme and tried the near zero carb, carnivore diet. I've lost 50 pounds and reversed several conditions and issues. Now I am a very vocal advocate.

I've also been a forum-junkie for about the same length of time. I like to socialize and network with others online and prefer this medium over more modern social-networks.

Pleased to meet everyone! Have a great day!
Hi, Bob. Welcome to Minimins. Not as active now as it has been in the past. I've just started carnivore - it works for me.
Hi, Bob. Welcome to Minimins. Not as active now as it has been in the past. I've just started carnivore - it works for me.

I've noticed. My posts are held in queue for 5-7 days or more, which says even the mods aren't around. Hopefully the newbie probation period doesn't last long.

I see your progress in your signature. Keep up the good work!

I'm down to the last 10 I want to take off and boy is it being stubborn, lol.
I dont think mods have been here in a while but keep posting, i think its number of posts reached
I think my last comment finally got approved in January.

It will be easier to participate in discussion when I no longer get held in the queue.
Great,we can have proper chats now. I'm following a keto approach too but unlike @AliGal I have a lot of low carb veg. Mainly cos I don't really like meat or fish. I love eggs though and cheese but don't want them to be the focus of every meal.
Keto has always worked well for me... until the rise of all these so-called "keto" products in the stores that use sugar alcohols, fiber, low-glycemic ingredients, and other sneaky forms of "net carb" voodoo trickery, lol. Then I started to get frustrated wondering why keto stopped working. Turns out, I realized I had been blind sighted by marketing and became overdependent on bars, treats, tortillas, and breads claiming to be "low carb" or "keto" until I started investigating the ingredients.

I'm mostly carnivore at the moment, but I am not averse to natural foods that aren't grasses (grains/sugar/etc). I still have an occasional salad or even some fruit.
I don't eat anything labelled keto. Real food only, mostly meat.