Hello from the bigbluefurrymonster... Would love to join the weMITTS

Hi! :)

You seem to be such a friendly bunch of supportive people that I would love to weedle my way in to your group :D

My name is Vicky! I have just started SS on the Cambridge Diet. I have about 7-8 stones to lose! But am optimistic on the journey ahead!

Look forward to meeting you all on here!

Good luck everyone with your own journeys!


(soon to be little-bluefurrymonster) fingers crossed!
Vicki - the Wemitts are an astonishing bunch of people and I'm sure that they'll all be along very shortly to greet you!

And a big hello from me, too! lol
Welcome to the Wemitts!
All the best on your weight loss journey on which I'm sure you will do really well....no doubt at all with the Wemitts behind you.
Hello WeMitt Vicki!
- and a very warm welcome to the WeMitts. We really understand the extra issues involved when you have a LOT of weight to lose. We also understand how difficult it is to be a fat person in the world today, and lead a normal life - predjudice is everywhere.
Well Vicky, the start of your new life is here! Any help or support you need is here. We will share your triumphs, be proud of your successes, but also be there on the difficult days. Are you the Vicky that e mailed for the recipes? If so, my reply came back as "undeliverable" .
Ann xxx