Hello i am kind of new here.


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Hiya Everyone

My name is Natasha and i am going to be starting on the Cambridge Diet on Thursday. Im really excited but also really nervous. I have done LL before and lost 3stone in 9weeks but then could not affort to carry it on. I came off LL and a few months later i started on the Cambridge Diet and failed :cry: i just could not stick to it. Its been a year now and i feel i need to do this for myself, pick myself up and start again:rolleyes:. The woman who runs my Cambridge Diet group has given me the support and encouagement i needed to return and get this weight off once and for all!! Lets hope i can do it this time. All i want more than anything is to be nice and slim. So you might all see me on here alot more ;)

Looking forward to getting to know u all xxx
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Welcome Natasha and best of luck with doing CD again.

Having a supportive CD is brilliant.

You have done it before and I am sure you will do it again.


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Hi ( im a natasha too :D)
Good luck with the CD xx


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good luck! x


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Thanks everyone :) I am just waiting to get started now and get on with it hehe! Gonna have my last bottle of wine tonight its gonna be a very long time b4 i have one of them again haha... yet i am still excited and just want to get started :)

Thanks for your comments. Yes Natasha i had a look around and seen some of your posts. I was sooo tempted to click on that tasha signature you have and see if i can make one haha it looks fab :D xxxx
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hehehe yes I am having a final blow-out tonight and getting on with it tomorrow! January is a great time to get on with losing weight (or that's what I'm hoping!). Good luck with CD, I've heard great things about it!


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my gorgeous friend tasha, your absolutely fabulous and youll get to goal in no time. im soooo glad i know someone else on here. welcome to the site babe :D <3


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Hi Natasha,

Best of luck with you weight loss plan I am sure you will be able to do it.


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youve made mine :D