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  1. misscooks

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    I just thought I would introduce myself. I went to see my CDC today and have got all my packs and am ready to go!

    My husband has been doing this diet, and has lost 3 stone, albeit over 6 months as he, like a lot of people, has had a few false starts along the way! But, from today, we are both 100% committed. I dont have all that much to loose, just a couple of stone to get to my goal of 9, so wont be SSing for long, but I want to start with SS and work my way up the steps, as need to learn to eat properly! So, i guess thats my real goal. To get to 9 stone, and keep there while eating healthiy.

    I have bee slightly overweight most of my life,but 4 years ago, I wieghed 17stone and was a size 20 (ok, size 22, but i didnt admit it, and luckily the one pair of jeans i lived in had stretched!). I got down to 9.7 in 2 years though various diets, but its all went belly up a few months ago, due to not not knowing how to eat properly. I have yo yo'd but always kept between 9.7 and 9.13, but I dont know what has happend recently, Ive shot up to 11. When my husband started this diet, I realised it was a way to get back to eating properly. I am almost 28 and I dont want to continue a binge/diet way of life anymore!

    I am going to stick with this. I have watched my husband fall on and off the wagon, and its horrid. THe good thing is though, after sampling little bits of all his products over the months, I know what I like and dont like! So, its chocolate tetra packs all the way for me! But, like I said, I am going to work up ALL the steps properly, I just want to be able to eat normally!
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  3. itsnowornever

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    cambridge diet
    just wanted to say good luck hun
  4. anoushka

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    Hi MissCooks, Good luck! I'm pretty new too - started on 790 a week ago and am already 1/2 stone down, so am feeling v positive about it! I'm the same age as you, and like you, don't want to spend the rest of my life in the same cycle - also my other half can stuff his face with whatever he likes, does no exercise and never put on a pound - huh! Good luck, and I promise that once you get through the first few days you'll be feeling great and the weight will fall off. (I also recommend the Choc Mint shake as it's divine, hot or cold!) Anoushka xx
  5. LucyLou

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    welcome to the site and good Luck
    lots of support online here
  6. misscooks

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    I do like some of the other flavours - choc mint, choc and vanilla (I dont think I could have the soups, i would just want bread with it!) but I love the choc tetras! I used to nick a couple of my husbands every now and then!
  7. paula 36

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    good luck chick x
  8. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Good luck and your husband is doing very well
    Irene xx
  9. Sarah M

    Sarah M Getting the hang of this

    Welcome along, im sure you'll crack this, and its great that you already know your likes and dislikes. Im new to CD aswell, only on day 12 at the moment, but im 15lb lighter already. get through the first few days and then this rocks! x
  10. Sambucca

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    good luck misscooks. Great that your hubby is also doing CD so you can hopefully keep each other on the right path. Sounds like you are determined and so will be at goal very soon.
  11. boofaloo

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    Exante and exercise

    Good luck and keep us informed of your weight loss. :)
  12. Fuzzys Angel

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    Welcome to minimins this is a great place to be loads of great advice & plenty of support, there's a amazing bunch of people on here.

    The first week is always the hardest but when you see such quick big weight losses it makes it all worth it, a VLCD has certainly changed my life & i would recommend it to anyone!

    Best piece of advice i can give you is :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: lots of it try to aim between 4-6 litres per day (hard at the beginning if you don't drink much water usually)as the moto on here is 'the more you drink the more you shrink' & how very true that is.

    Good luck with your journey hun, keep posting & i look forward to hearing you shrink, a big well done to your hubby!!!.....xxxx
  13. shelley***

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    Cambridge Diet
    Hi, I started CD on Thursday and as it's now Sunday my fourth day i have just decided to get some more inspiration so logged on! I have stuck to the ssing 100% and have weee'd for England, i feel better but a little tired today. Yesterday i struggled as all i could think about was a bacon sandwich - what's that all about! anyway my daughter (emily) had a 1000 piece jigsaw bought her for Christmas which she hadn't started, so we got that out and by the time we had sorted th pieces and done the edges it was bedtime and food was forgotton. i've had a good cry this morning as i'm so mad i have to do this because i've just ate and ate until i weighed in at 15st 10lbs on Thursday. i hope i have a good loss when i have my weigh in coz' the water drinking for me is hard.
    Anyway can someone tell me how i get to put nice sparkly things an a ticker on as they look great - i'm not very IT!!!!xxx
  14. shelley***

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    Cambridge Diet
    last chance saloon!

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