Hello! I am new!!


My name is Geraldine and I have been on the CD on SS for 6 days now.
The first 2 days were hell but by the third day I was feeling much better as I was in ketosis!!!!!:D
My weigh in with my CDC is tomorrow and I cannot wait.
I must say that I still miss proper food and cooking for the family is still hard. I miss chewing. When are we allowed the bars?

Geraldine xx
Hello and welcome Geraldine

Congrats on getting to day 6, and wishing you well for your weigh in. You can have the bars from week 3, so just 8 more days mate! ;)
welcome to minimins Geraldine!

Well done on your first week being almost over :D

I look forward to seeing how much u have lost. the first week is the worst. try the mix-a-mousse if u really need to chew. i find its a life saver!!

good luck for ur weigh-in tomorrow

Helloo - lovely to meet you and very well done on getting through the first (worst!) days!!!

Good luck for your first weigh-in!
Welcome to the board.

Good luck for your WI tomorrow can't wait to hear your news tomorrow :)

Welcome to our Gang.:D The first week can be a nightmare for some people but you have done it. Keep it up and you will get great results.:)

from one Geraldine to another!! :D

Well done on getting to day 6 - your first week almost done...

You may be able to have the bars after your next visit, although think cd reccommend you don't have the bars until week 3 until ketosis is well established - ask your counsellor you never know you may be able to have them in your second week...

Keep shaking :D