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Hello, im a newbie and on day one.

Hi all!! Im on day one today and so far so good, except the mega gross thai chicken soup i had for lunch lol.

I have reached the grand old age of 29 and after spending almost all of my 20's miserable about my weight I have decided im gonna do something about it, i dont want to be saying the same as i am approaching my 40th. I feel so cross with myself when i think about how i have put food to the front of my mind for so long and about how when i look in the mirror i wonder what i have done to myself. I need to remember how i feel now because it is so easy for me to start to try and convince myself i look and feel ok when im hungry or fed up. Thats why i thought it would be good to write it all down.

Sorry for the essay, once i started typing i couldnt stop! :crazy:
I would like to loose at least 3 1/2 stone before my birthday in october and then carry on until xmas. I think i need to loose about 6 stone. The trouble is i just cant imagine myself being THAT slim!!!
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I can relate to pretty much all of that, although I am closer to 40 than you are. It's worrying how quickly time seems to pass by the older I get. Has anyone else noticed that or is it just me? :(

One of the biggest steps is making the decision to do something about our weight. So well done for making the change now. :)

Feel free to join us on the thread below, as we would all like to lose about 4 stone by October....

Cupcake, we are the same age and I think those same thoughts to myself! I am determined to have a real life and not just live to eat. I am so glad you posted, I look forward to following your journey.
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Cupcake16 Good luck with your journey. As you know by now you are not alone in your quest. xx


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Good luck, stay strong and you can do it :D
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Good luck. I feel pretty much the same as you. and also have about the same amount of weight to loose also.

It feels like a HUGE thing, to get 6 stone down, but everytime I think ''I just can't do this'', I remember the saying 'you can't eat an elephant whole'. Bit by bit, day by day you WILL get there. xx


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Good luck - 4 stone to go here and just finished week 1.

First time I've done this, and I found that after a couple of days of bad heads it became a lot easier - in fact I've been quite surprised how much easier it became. I never expected that!!
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Hi Cupcake and welcome,
this is a great site ,plenty of support here,take it one day at a time,,,:)jen


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Hi and welcome....... you'll find all the support and encouragement you need right here! Good luck :)

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