Hello I'm a newbie


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Welcome to Minimins :)


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Welcome to Minimins Muppet :D:D:D



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Thank you for the nice welcomes, I will sort out my ava and sig asap.

EDIT: After reading the rules I realise this is not possible yet.
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Welcome to minimins Muppet.

This is a great site and it'll give you all the encouragement and inspiration that you're going to need.

Dieting isn't easy, but it is made easier with Minimins.

Good luck hun xx


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Hey Muppet:)

I joined today too and I already feel it's such a great thing sharing your experience and goals - we're all here for one reason.
We can do it together:)
Gud luck


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It was so nice to read the welcome posts from you guys, thank you.

I feel ...however that I should tell my story.

I think there may be a special section for blogs???

Could someone please guide me to the right place?:eek:


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Welcome and good luck with your weight loss x

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Hi Muppet, and welcome.

You can blog in a number of places.

Some people start a diary thread in the forum for the diet they are following eg. Cambridge or Weight watchers and others (myself included) have started a little diary section in the Weight loss diaries thread on the front page.

I am not great technically or else I would post a link there...

Good luck and will be interested to read your story

LRO xx


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Hiya hun and welcome, any ideas of what kind of diet that ya are going to do?

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Hi, I am a newbie (joined on Saturday) and have just found this section so I thought I would pop in and say hi. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming so thank you and I hope I can help and support people as much as you all have helped me so far! xx


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Thanx lizzie I will copy and paste my story in the section for surgery.


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Hi Muppet and :welcome: to Minimins. Good luck on your weight loss journey :) xxx