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    I've been overweight, ok morbidly obese, for about 4 years now. I've alwasy been bigger than my friends and have quite a dysfunctional relationship with food, I eat when I'm bored, when I'm happy and when I'm sad.
    In November last year I started to feel really tired, had dry eyes and was weeing (sorry tmi) for england and in Janurary I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes! I was gutted, upset but most of all really embarressed and ashamed that I had given myself this diesese by stuffing my face and not doing any exercise. From that day in early January I have been eating healthily and exercising and have managed to lose just over two stone taking me from 21 stone and 1lb to 18 stone 11lb. Which I am really pleased about.
    But I've started to feel a bit bored and am finding it a bit difficult, so that's why I'm here to talk to people who are in the same or a similer boat to me and help each other on our dieting journeys.

    Hannah x x
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    Hello Hannah. Wow you have done so well to lose so much. Brilliant. Good luck in the rest of your journey
  4. 2mnn

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    Hi Hannah and welcome to the forum

    You've done so well on your loss so far. You're in the right place for support too and just chatting on here will hopefully relieve the boredom to make it a little easier
    Good luck xx
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