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Hello... I'm new

Hello all

I started SW two weeks ago. I lost quite a bit of weight last summer and I become what I and others classed as quite 'slim'. I haven't been 'slim' since late childhood and was so pleased with myself. But due to some severe emotional stress, relationship problems and money troubles I have put back on every single lb and some more!

All problems now on the mend, except financial, so I am ready to shed the pounds! The thing I really struggle with (and I am sure I am not the only one), is that I comfort eat. At the moment I am ok. My main downfall is when times get tough I make Latte's (milky coffees with sugar!). I have to have sugar in the house for my little one's, and the moment I am resisting (very pleased with myself). So there you go I am being honest with myself. Last year I managed to re-educated myself, re-train my brain into learning when I am full and when not to eat for the sake of eating.

So therefore, my goal isn't necessarily to lose a certain amount of pounds (because I don't really weight myself, except twice a month, because if I don't lose or I put on it effects my confidence and therefore I comfort eat), it's to get back to the correct relationship with food.

I did it myself last time, by cutting back food and eating a low-fat/high fibre diet. My mum has been a member of SW for quite a while, so therefore I thought I would give it a try. I can't afford to join online or go to classes. But I use my mum's books and this wonderful site!

Just short a short hello!

Kelly x

p.s 'Olliebog is my nickname for my dog 'Ollie':D
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Wee Doll

Silver Member
Hi Kelly.

Welcome and good luck on your slimming world journey :D


Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Hello and welcome! Not sure how to help with the 'latte situation' other than to swap your sugar for sweetener and if you do have a milky coffee count the milk as a Hex A or syn it and you'll still be within your syn allowance for the day, guilt free xxxx
u mentioned sugar as a downfall in ya lattes well im same lol I've now started buying splenda which is a sweetener but its free. any sweetener is free as long as it is 2 syns or less per teaspoon
Thanks for your replies and thanks for the advice about the sweetener. I do have sweetener in the house and I use it in every coffee I have now, when I have my comfort latte lol, I have sugar, could you please let me know how much a level teaspoon of sugar would be syn wise and say 150ml of <1% fat milk would be.

I don't really syn that much, just the odd few for the packet microwave flavoured rice, which makes a nice change. I should imagine the odd latte can't do that much harm. Or am I wrong?

Also my husband is joining me on the diet because a) he needs to lose some weight and b) it's easier than cooking two different meals for us plus separate meals for my two daughters because they are both relatively fussy eaters. At least one of them will eat all of the pasta dishes so that will make life a little bit easier:D.

We are choosing to do mainly Green days with the odd occasional Red thrown in. Would this be ok or should we have equal amounts of Red and Green days?

hi kelly - not sure about milk without looking in my book lol but i do know a level teaspoon of sugar is 1 syn. as for ya green & red days i know people at my group just do either one all week others av a mixture. it doesnt matter wat plan u do so long as u stick to that plan for that day say monday - green day, tuesday - red day etc :) hope that helps x
thanks mummy... so long as I have been careful with my syns during the day... when times are tough I can still have my latte's yeahhh..

hello my name is Kelly and I am a latte'holic........:secret:
im wendy hehe im a bovrilolic at min lol love a mug b4 bed hehe
Welcome to SW and this great forum....notice you love Latte's - so do i very much.
I have one every evening using my milk allowance. I use water to make my porridge etc and stir in VLF Fromage frais in before serving to make it creamy which leaves me with my A for milk. I use half milk and half water and splenda and love it....worth a go hun ;)
Its really important to still enjoy the things you like, that way you won't feel deprived and more likely to stay on track.
Wishing you tons of luck


Full Member
hello, good luck!!
i was just reading ur post there,
it seamed as i had wright it lol
my names kelly, also a latte lover n cumfort eater!! x
Loopeylou... I've tried black coffee, it's a no goer for me... but maybe if I drink more sf squash and diet coke I could save my milk allowance and I wouldn't have to syn the extra milk.... Breakfast I could probably save some milk, because I love yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, so maybe when we get paid at the end of the month, I'll get more mullerlights for the fridge and then I won't have to worry about the milk. Funny thing is, I don't crave any of the naughty stuff like Chocolate and Crisp, chips and cheese (cheese I get enough through HEXa's), but latte's are a different thing all together... will start afresh on the coffee front on the 1st of the month!

Meme, glad I am not the only one...:D
id drink squash and diet coke and save ya allowance for the lattes unless u swap ya allowance to skimmed milk then u can av 350ml of milk hehe
lol same ere x
Good luck xxxx

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