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Hello, It's my first day today, anyone else new?

Hello Everyone,

I thought I'd say hello and introduce myself as this is the first day of my weight loss journey today and I don't know anyone on here yet. My name is Sharon.
I am currently 5stones 7lb's heavier than I would like to be, but I know that as from today I am only going to get lighter!
I am going to be following my own plan of "eat less, eat healthier, protein shakes, and exercise".
I have been going to the gym regularly for the past 3 years, and I do enjoy it, so that's not going to be much of a change for me, but it has shown me that you cannot lose weight by exercise alone...so now it's time to alter my eating habits!
I lost 4 stones 5 years ago, so I know I can do it, but I am an emotional eater and as soon as things go wrong in my life or I am under any stress, it's usually food that I turn to, hence the 4 stones coming right back on again.
I'm determined to break the cycle this time, which is why I decided to join this site and make friends with people who are also in my position.
I'd love to hear from anyone on here and especially anyone else who is starting right now, just like me.
It seems a long road to start with, but I know we can all do it!
Thanks for reading this and have a great day!
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Call me Nicky xx
Hi, welcome to Minis. This is a great site for support so you have come to the right place.
I started 8 weeks ago however I have the same amount to lose as you.

Good Luck to you xx


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Hi and welcome to the forum. Good luck with doing your own thing, it's very brave! We are a friendly bunch on here so if you need abything just ask x
Thanks for your reply. You have lost alot of weight in your first few weeks, well done!
I'm enjoying reading all the messages on here, and I think that if I log in daily, it will really help me to stay on track.x


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Lot's of us visit here at least once a day. It really does help as everyone here knows what you are going through


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Welcome to Minimins Happylittlesoul :D:D

Great username!!! :)
Thanks! I am a happy little soul most of the time, but I know I'll be alot happier once I've lost alot of weight. I am feeling really positive right now and can't wait to see what my first weeks' loss will be.Thanks to you all for talking to me! x


Bouncing back
Welcome to minis and good luck!
I started my diet this week... I'm addicted to minis already! It really does help.
I'm also an emotional eater, as soon as the slightest thing goes wrong I'm straight into the fridge or a shop (whichever is nearer) for something...anything to eat. Breaking the cycle is hard, but with hard work and determination you can do it. A lot of us are going through the same thing so you'll have us to support you on your journey!
Wishing you all the luck in the world.



Here for the Journey
Hi happylittlesoul and hi Silence. Welcome to minis. You probably will get adicted, we all do. Still, it does a lot less harm than too much food and there is SO much support on here. x

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
Welcome to minis!
I started my diet a couple of months ago but only joined this site at the weekend.
It looks like we have the same to lose though.
You'll love this site, everyone is so friendly & helpful.
We'll do it together! ;)


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Yeah Min's should come with a warning! "Highly addictive" Ha ha, it's a great place and it's so easy to stay here for many hours!
Hi there,
I started a month ago but have about the same weight as you to lose. I too have been going to the gym regularly for the last couple years and realised that it isn't quite cutting it -- I'm fitter but still obese! So I have decided I am going to diet for the very last time, I am so convinced that when I get down there I will give 100% to my new lifestyle and never go up again. I need a plan of action because I have tried cutting down and eating heathily so many times in the past so I am doing W8 (vlcd with add a meal daily) which is getting results at last.

Good luck,


Here for the Journey
Hi Frijj. Welcome to minis. Well done on your weightloss so far. Yes you WILL do it - we all will - after all we have each others support. x