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Hello, joining you all on Exante

Hello all you lovely people

I will be joining you all on your journeys once my packs arrive!!!

Looking forward to addressing my weight issues as I have been unhappy for a good while.

Have ordered a months worth of meal replacements which should be here tomorrow/Friday. I did Lipotrim a few years ago and lost 6 stone. Put it back on after my personal life took a turn for the worst. I am looking to lose it again and rebuild my life after a relationship breakdown.

Am excited to be doing something about it at last and am determined.

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Hello. I started Exante Saturday, I also did Lipotrim a few years ago and sadly have put it all back on again. I am 15st 7lb and looking to get to 10 stone hopefully by Christmas. My scales are showing me a 3lb loss in the first 2 days so chuffed with that, and really looking forward to getting into ketosis so I know that the fat is on the move :) I am hoping for a 10lb loss this week and hopefully 5lb each week after that. I know that is achievable as it is what I lost on Lipotrim. Well chat later
Hello Debbie

How has it gone? Am guessing weigh in for you is tomorrow. Hope it is a good result for you

I'm in my 3rd week now and the weight is coming off!!!!
It's going good hun, I am not feeling hungry any more, tongue is like Ghandi's flip flop so Ketosis has kicked in, have a preview on the scales this morning and it was showing 9lb down YAY. I have done lipotrim before but the selection is so much better with Exante. I have 2 shakes a day and with the 3rd the choc mint one I can make 4 cups of coffee/choc mint which is delish. I am hoping I can drop another 1lb today to make my total loss for the week 10lb. Your losses are amazing, Well done.
That's a good idea with the choc mint shake. I may poach that idea!

Looking like a good weigh in for you tomorrow. And the hardest part is over.

I always find that I am so thirsty on ketosis diets. Was the same on LT. I find it easy to drink the recommended amount of water when on them.

Good luck for week two :)
Agree about the water, my body craves it, let me know what you think of the hot choc/mint/coffee. I add 2 sweetners and it goes down a treat. I got through Lipotrim using all 3 shakes as hot drinks all day. Will report on loss tomorrow x.
Fabulous. That good result will spur you on through week 2 :)
Thanks, I am hoping for 5lbs this week, there are a few of us on diets at work so we are challenging each other to see who can lose the most in a week. They have been on their SW journey longer than I have been on the Exante journey but a challenge is a challenge. How are you doing? :)
Just read this Debbie, that's great. Hope your rest of the week was the same!

This week has been easy for me. Not feeling hungry for most of the time. Had a couple of "instances" of feeling a bit hungry but they soon passed after a black tea or some water.

I've lost 3lbs this week so although not the greatest of weight loss, am happy with that. I can't expect to lose 16 lbs every week lol...if only!!!!!!!!!! And hit my first mini goal of 14st so onto my next goal of 13st.

Good luck with your weigh in. Hope it's a good result
I so desperately want to be under the 200lb mark this Saturday. I know I can do it and keep telling myself if I fail I am only letting myself down. It is my 40th wedding ann next May and need to be where I want to be for that. :)
Hello Debbie

How are you doing? Did you make your target?

I'm still going well on the diet. 5 weeks into it now!! On my way to my second mini goal
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Aww hope you're feeling better now, Debbie. You're not a failure, just life sometimes railroads good intentions.

All I'd say is don't let it deter you from your ultimate goal. It doesn't matter how you get there, just keep plodding in the right direction.
Well trying again from today, I know I can do this just have to stay focused. There are 2 people on slimming world where I work and they have done amazing so hoping to stay inspired by them. Slimmimg world is no good for me as I am so fussy with food and do not like veg so this Exante is ideal. I am also going to try and not step on the scales everyday so hopefully getting a huge surprise every 7 days...easier said than done lol but that's the plan. I will have to check if and how much I have put back on so I can update my stats so will do that when I get in from work this morning. Missy Moo you are doing so well !!

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