hello!!! just thought i'd introduce myself......


getting slimmer
hello all!

my names maria, and on xmas day we found out we are having a baby - yay!
been trying since feb so this really is good news. t.hought it would never happen.
w thinki'm about 11 weeks
i also have a little boy, connor, who is from a previous relationship, he is 5.
in july i weighed about 13 stone, size 16, and was really unhappy.
then i found out about cambridge, started and LOVED it!!!
i did it or a couple of months, went down to 10 1/2 stone, happy 12, then decicded to have a while off.
that while turned into a long while and still off!!
i havent weighed myself for a whlie but know i have put quite a bit on.
i look 5 month preggers!! lol!
and it was all because i ate an drunk too much.
i really dont wanna get "fat" while my baby is growing, so wondered if anyone knows if i can use cd aswell as a healthy eating diet,like a supplement really, while i am preggers??

i also posted this just to say "hello" to all you expectant mums out there who wants "the prenacy without the pounds".
look forward to tryingto do exactly that, with you all. xxx
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Firstly Congrats on the great news!
Secondly I'm pretty sure you can't use any kind of vitamin supplements (especially Cambridge as its a very concentrated form of supplement) while preggers & you most certainly shouldn't start anything without talking to your doctor of Midwife first.
If you really don't want to gain too much weight while pregnant i'd suggest following something like Slimming World - which if you go to a meeting and speak to a consultant explaining that you're pregnant, they'll explain the extras you'll need to take into your diet.
Please don't stress about the weight gain too much and just try to enjoy your pregnancy (it goes way to fast) & just try to be healthy.
I gained 31lbs with my last pregnancy (gave birth 2 weeks ago) & am already back to my pre-pregnancy weight! I think as long as you're relatively healthy during the pregnancy the extra weight you gain is mostly baby, water, extra blood etc & that falls off really quickly once bubs comes out.

Anyway hun, sorry for rambling and i hope at least 'some' of that made sense. Congrats again! xx


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congratulations :D

like rayven has said a plan such as slimming world works well with pregnancy...my mum followed it with my younger sister and it worked really well :)
but check with the doc/midwife first :)


getting slimmer
thank guys!
went for my 13 week scan and doc told me i was 8 weeks!

thrilled cuse everythings ok, gutted cause i've already got a big bump!!

gotta try and do something about it!!!

well done reyven for getting back to your pre pregancy weight, that didn take you long at all!
with my five year old it to me 6 months to lose my 3 stone i'd put on!
gonna try and be much more sensible with this one though.
not due till 30th aug, gonna ba a lond summer and pregnacy, but well worth the weight/wait!!!!!!! x