Just thought I'd thank you for your encouraging words! :p

I have been yoyo dieting for years now. As is the 'norm' I could and did lose weight but each time it went back, another 1/2 a stone or more came with it. Last year I lost 1 1/2 stone through ww, my dr.does monitor my weight when I go to see him, (his main concern seemed to be that as I was getting older there could have been a problem with diabetes). This year I have managed-while still going to ww-to put the entire amount back on !!!! Had a dr's appointment he asked me to jump on the scales AAAHHH, then he suggested to me Lipotrim. I'd never heard of it before. He has never done the program before but other doctors at the practise have.
I order the lipotrim over the phone, pay for it by my card,and it is sent directly to the practise where I pick it up. I am being weighed each week at the surgery, bp is taken and have a bit of a chat.
I am going to realy try to stick with it for another 2 weeks, then we are actually away for 5 days, and when I come back I'm going to try the cd, like you,because it does seem more flexible.
My gp wants me to lose 3 stone, I was 15 stone and 5'9'. I am now 13.10 or 12 depending how my scales are behaving. But by the drs I have lost 17 lbs, which is amazing
but very, very, difficult to stick with. It was our anniversary yesterday, my husband suggested dinner out but what was the point? I'm finding that kind of thing does make it so much harder.
That's my wee story.
thank you again for your encouragement, it realy does help.