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Hello (New at MiniMins and with LT)

Hello im starting my lipotrim tomorrow, for those of you who are on I need your advice,,, what do I drink in the morning? I have to go in for work at 2 not a long day but the worst think about my work is that in the office we keep food and stuff and if we are not working we are snacking, and am kinda embarrased to tell my work mates,,, even tho is not a bad thing but I want to keep it personal until I see results so I can bragg about it:D thing with me is I have tried so many Diet thing Pills from chinese shops..Chu Yung tea, 500 pounds Treadmill and none of them works I am Size 20 at the moment heaviest I ever have been I use to be Size 14 once I had my son I let myself go Wich whas not very good desicion so hopefully This will work I have been reading your forums and I am very excited to try myself so what do I do 2morro I went to the pharmacy have the sachets...advice will be well and truly welcome thanks.:)
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Hi sammy - welcome to LT and mini mins.....
Firstly you will find this forum so much help over the coming weeks/months. It makes a massive difference to have something to refer to if you have a question, want to rant about something or are struggling. Makes you see there are so many people in the same boat at you :)

Anyway... if you already have your sachets and are ready to go.... first off, have a large glass of water at least then your first shake of the day, followed by more water. (the sachets are packed with nutrients which can be a strong hit on your body unless dialuted seriously hence water before and after the shake)
Keep drinking water throughout the day - you need at least 2 litres per day.
Same with lunch time shake and same with tea time shake.

Tips - if you have a jug big enough measure out in the morning exactly how much water you need to drink during the day... its great watching it go down. (i have a jug that holds just over a litre, so ive marked on the side of it how much a litre is and fill it to that level then once im done with one jug full, fill it again. If you are likely to be out and about/at work get water bottles and do the same, fill them in the morning so you know exactly how much you need.
I try and finish my 2 litres by 4pm and anthing after that is a bonus.... plus i dont want to be guzzling water at 8pm as i would like a good nights sleep instead of up all night weeing :)

Dont be put off by the shakes... the first day or 2 i found them vile but you get used to the taste and in the end grow to like it! Ive not really experemented with them to advise but ive heard you can try them hot, with peppermint tea (the chocolate shake) or make them into mousse.

You will get very hungry and lethargic on days 2/3/4 so be prepared for it and dont plan a busy weekend, take it easy!!

re work.... just tell them you are cutting back on snacks as you want to lose weight. You dont need to tell them what you are doing, unless they will see you mixing/drinking your shakes. You need to get into your head that those snacks and bits of food got you into this in the first place and you are not going to give up for the sake of a taste of food!!!
Anyway, i hope all this helps... im sure there will be lots more comments tomorrow, its always good to catch up.
P.s start a diary on the diary thread about your day, update it each day or as often as possible with how you are doing and how you are feeling... the responses you will get will give you more encouragment :)

OOOh that whas so Lovely of you thank you very much atleast now I have some kinda of litle advice to get me by thank you katie will do that and yeah I should consider starting a diary maybe,,thats it 2morro here I come

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Katie has very comprehensively covered it all. I did not tell people at work either. I just said I was making an effort to cut back and was skipping lunch for a while. I sat at the lucnh table sipping a few cups of coffee. No one bothered about me after a few days of "oh are you not starving" to which I usually replied" ah no, I'll enjoy my dinner when I get home".
Good luck with it, keep busy and hang in there. You will be so pleased you did.
Not a lot more I can add to whats already been said.

Good luck for your lipotrim journey, stick with it and you wont be disappointed.

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Good luck Sammy you'll be fine on here with us. Expect a huge weight loss first week if you stick to 100% TFR. :)
Thank you everyone, just woked up not feeling hungry going 2 wait for a while before I start my sachets. Hope the shakes are not that bad,but anyways will try to get thru today.Thankz again everyone


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Sammy, hope your first day is going well??
I usually wait until around 11am for my first shake, then about 3pm then 7pm for the last one as i hate going to bed feeling hungry!!!

Good luck!!!
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good luck xx


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Good luck Sammy, I would echo the earlier comments, use the forums. I found someone who started the same day as me and it really helps. Having someone else going through the same things helps so much, if you can’t check out other people “Diaries”, some are inspirational, some are fun, some have information but they are all helpful!


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Hi Sammy and welcome. You've had great advice so far. Just hang in there. We are all on the journey. Keep using this forum - it's a huge help.

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