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hello! new member :o)


rainbows holiday buddy :)
hi, :wavey:

i've been reading all of your threads for just over a month and have found it quite inspiring, so much so that i decided to give slimming world ANOTHER try....it's 6th time lucky for me! i know the diet inside out and can do well on it, but i really struggle with it long term.

i joined 4 weeks ago and i've got my 4th weigh-in today (thurs) ...have lost 8.5 pounds in 3 weeks.

...i really hope i can do it this time! and having the extra support on here will help me.

karen xx :character00201:
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Force Ten

Serial Dieter
Good luck Karen. I've just had my 4th WI and so far I'm really enjoying SW. I've never tried it before - have done WW many times but always give up after a short while (apart from once when I lost 42 pounds but the leader was inspiring - then she left and so did I:()

Can I ask why you struggle long-term with the diet? I really want to lose weight this time, so if I can avoid the danger periods, I might actually succeed for once.

I'm really glad I found this forum as everyone is really friendly and helpful.:)
Thats a great weight loss! Get yourself a ticker and put it in your signature, it really helps me.
Welcome honey, we are a friendly bunch and everyone on here is so helpful! Some of us find more support here than in our meetings


Nanny Jax

getting back on track
:wavey:Hiya Karen, welcome to the forum, keep up the good work and be sure to give us a shout if you need help with anything x x:)


Gold Member
Welcome welcome. It really helps coming on here, people are always ready with advice, encouragement, and a watchful eye (Nanny Jax has here eye on me all the time! - and its working cos Ive only put on a pound since I started!) xxx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
force ten - i struggle long term because i really beat myself up over simple things like staying the same weight when i've stuck to it 100%...then i lose the plot and gorge on pies! then return to class the next week with a gain. then i eat more pies! then i stop going to class as i get too embarassed and disheartened.

this time i am determined to do it though!

Force Ten

Serial Dieter
Ah I see. Our class leader is trying to motivate a couple of ladies who have stuck at the same weight even though they kept to the diet. She's suggesting eating more fruit and veg and doing more exercise - fairly obvious really, I suppose. She's good at emailing and phoning up and also answering questions if I phone her during the week, so I'm hopeful I can keep going with this class as I plan to be going to it for at least a year:)


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Hi Karen, welcome to the forum and well done for going back to SW. You will find all the support and encouragement you need on here so get involved and enjoy yourself x

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