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Hello! New to the forum and to WW!

Hello there! I've just joined the forum today, figure I'm going to need some support and this looks like a great place :D

I joined WW on tuesday, and I've really enjoyed doing it the last 3 days! I haven't felt like I've been missing out, and I certainly haven't felt more hungry than normal so that's such a bonus!

I'm torn between being excited about my first weigh in, and being terrified I won't have lost at all...I really hope this works for me :)

I'm hoping to lose about 4.5 stones, and I'd love to do it by the end of the year although I know it's a lot so won't be disheartened if it takes me a bit longer!
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wants to be skinny ♥
Hey, I'm new on the forum too :) I joined WW in January so not exactly new there but I felt like you that soon in- not missing out and not hungry etc. My first weigh in terrified me but more so as I joined with my mum and she lost 4 in her first week. I lost 1 and was a bit disappointed as most people in my class lose loads in their first weeks- even if they aren't that overweight.

And a lady in my meeting just got to goal after joining just before Christmas and she's lost about 3 and a half stone so 4 and a half is do-able by the end of the year I would say. Good luck! :)
Hi, and thanks for the welcome :)

Glad to hear my goal isn't insane - it seems it when I look in the mirror lol!

I'm still finding it really easy to stick to, and the online diary thing makes it so easy to keep track of stuff. I'm still switching between being excited and nervous for my first weigh in though!


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Hello! I'm new to WW and joined on Wednesday afternoon. After following Slimming World and now I am eating "normal" food and not feeling like I'm missing out on anything I too am really worried about my first Weigh In! :(
Ive just eaten a McDonalds to use up some of my weeklies! LOL
Hi, I only joined the forum last week but started ww online at the end of January. I want to lose around 4 stone but have not yet set myself an end goal. I'm waiting until I feel comfortable or until imindoors suggests it's time to stop. Whichever comes first lol. I marked goals on my calendar - next Tuesday should have seen me at a 2 stone goal. I'm at 2 1/2!
I try not to use my weeklies though I dip into them a little when we go out for a meal. I see them as an credit card or an overdraft. Peace of mind but put them in a drawer unless absolutely needed.


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I got told to eat my weeklies, because if you dont use them and then you decide to use them one week and gain or your weight loss starts slowing down - then thats what you lower...or start cutting down on. :)
Oh right! I'm an online subscriber and have never been to a group meeting so don't get these titbits of info but, to be honest, I don't think I could eat them all! You get the advice pages but I only ever skimmed them, I got the impression that they were just a buffer. I wouldn't feel like I had cut down in the first place if I had eaten all my weeklies from day 1. It is comforting to know that they are there for meals out though.

Thanks goodness I haven't been going hungry though by not using them! I suppose I would have dipped into them if I had.
I can't believe how much I am eating on this diet but I have changed to eating the right things instead of the wrong ones!
Hey... I'm new to WW too... Been lurking on this site for a week already but only just joined!!
Started last week and been using all my points everyday :) Feels great!!
It was my mum who started it all off my going to a WW meeting and I'm just kinda tagging along on the ride :)

I'm 20 next week and really unhappy with the way my body is.. been overweight for a while now after bullying at school and so I figured now is the time to get back into shape.

I want to lose about 4 stone but I'm happy for anything at the moment...I'll get there eventually!!

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