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Hello! Newbie here!!

Hi everyone! I've been lurking but time to come out I think!

My name is Ally and I have been on atkins for about a week. Overall, I haven't been finding it too hard...I have noticed however that I'm eating a fair bit of cheese (about 70g a day) and ham. I'm worried because these foods are salty and err addictive . I can't stop eating the stuff! I've also been eating peanuts, which I suspect are not allowed?

Anyway, I thought I'd introduce myself and I'll probably witter away on this thread every so often...:)
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welcome and witter away xx


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Hello! Peanuts arnt allowed if you're starting on induction, and if you find you've not lost much, perhaps cut back on the cheese!

Enjoy, and welcome :) xx


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Hi Ally welcome and good luck :D


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Welcome Ally, as the others say, best to stay away from peanuts in Induction. Drinking lots of water will help with the salt - but make sure you take multivitamins too - and try to get most of your carbs from green leafy veg :)
Morning Ally and welcome, why don't you post on the "What are we eating" thread and then we can all comment :)
Thanks all for the lovely welcome! I shall pootle off and try and find the thread. In the meantime, does anyone use ketostix? I've been testing the last few days - no ketones showing, a sure sign I'm doing something wrong...
use ketostixs a lot .......... check they are in date ............ x
yes ................. indulge in a new pot xx
Grrr, annoying - went down to boots and they didn't have any. Still don't know if I'm in or not...haven't had anything illegal so I shall just aim to keep on track. While I was in boots I weighed myself (finally felt brave enough) and found out I weigh 17 st 13. Now that was a shock.
I always went by the other signs of ketosis myself


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The sticks don't work for everyone. As I understand it being in ketosis does not make you lose weight it simply makes you not feel hungry. If you're apetite has reduced you don't need pee on a strip of paper to tell you anything! People obssess about those damn sticks. When I did LL the counsellor insisted we show her our stick weekly and she would regularly tell me I was dehydrated despite drinking 5 litres of water a day, EVERY day! Save your money, buy a nice steak instead!
Haha! Fair point. A very nice steak for £5 I think!

What are the other signs of Ketosis? My appetite has definitely decreased Jim - no hunger to speak of, no longer crave bread and the like. No metal taste in my mouth though!

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