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Extra Easy Hello ! Newbie to Forum

Just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself.

Called myself "On The Way Back".
As I feel I am on my way back to who I was before. Before what? Well before a lot of things.But that is life.

I am following Extra Easy,
A Slow loser.
Nearer 50 than 40.
Just started Doing Zumba, Just Dance and Wii Fit.(11 weeks).Previously walked and swam occasionally. Still do tho loving my Wii.

I have been doing SW for 10 weeks now (inc registration week) so 9 weeks weight loss = 11bs.
I have been dieting for over 11 years at another Slimming Club.So although my weight loss is not as good as some on SW week by week. 11lbs is ok for me.

I am really just getting to grips with the plan. And trusting it. Hard to alter from counting everything to only counting 15 syns.
I have between 2 1/2 to 3 stones to loose.
Well I suppose as of now that is nearer 1 1/2 to 2 stone . WOW i did not realise that till I typed it.:)

Looking forward to joining in and getting to target. Whenever that maybe.

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Nice to meet you. We have the following things in common:

I am following Extra Easy,
A Slow loser.
Nearer 50 than 40.
I have between 1 1/2 to 2 stones to loose.

I've been doing SW for about 5 1/2 months and lost 37lb so far.

Having others to natter to really helps and improves my motivation.

Good luck hun x
Thanks for the welcome Aliciawinkle. And everyone.

I agree it is good to have someone to "natter to".

I have not been on for a few days , but been sticking to the plan. Exercising like a maddy(well Wii Just Dance sweat points etc.)

I have WI tonight, and then heading to visit a friend, so I am trying to decide will I won't I????
Well bet you know what it is , will I eat before I go to class. No probably not.
Games I/we play.

Trixabc what a great weight loss. Well done.
And liliferjade you are right I have to keep going, been down this road to often and not got to the destination yet. But I will this time.

Speak soon.
Hi and a big welcome to this wonderful site. I lost 2 stone on S W and am now at target. Feel great, and really enjoy group. Looking forward to having many a chat with you
Congratulations on your weight loss and reaching your Target. I to am looking forward to chattin with everyone. But please forgive me till I get my weigh(opps i really did type weigh instead of way- obessed or what). Well my way around the forum etc. Seems to be loads to read .
Hi and welcome to minimins ... well done on your weight loss so far thats brilliant .... like they say a dripping tap still fills a bucket so keep it up and i am sure u will soon get where u want to be xxxx


Silver Member
Hi OTWB welcome how are you finding sw i am doing ww but i go to cyprus in 2 weeks staying for 12 weeks and i will be joining sw there so i can carry on with my weight loss which diet had you previously been on and which sw plan are you following lol x
Thanks Kerryathome and Chocolatetrishand well done on your weight losses.

Chocolatetrish your "dripping tap" will be my motivator for the next few weeks.

Why well because:-
1. I only lost 1/2lb totally deserving higher weightlosses than I am getting. Heh Ho!
2. Also they hae turned our water off today . He He

No seriously it is true it all adds up. But what a struggle and battle it seems to be.

Boofle, I was on Scottish Slimmers, Though I had not been to class for over a year, but doing it at home myself. Which if focussed and motivated I used to be able to get it shifted.

Now I am at SW (obviously) I am following The Extra Easy
I have to say it does and is taking time to change my mind set. So used to counting everything.
To be one hundred percent honest I miss my choc and sugar etc. Though they say you can have treats etc.etc. One is not enough and two or three are too too many.
But then if I want a change I need to change. Treats had become the norm and that is how I ended more than 3 stone over weight, after all.

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