Hello! Relative newbie!


Hello there! I'm new, can you tell! I have seen thsi forum before though and thought I'd bite the bullet and join!

I've been losing weight sloooooowly for about eighteen months, I started on Closer Diets (lost 1.5st) then swapped to Weight Watchers (lost 1.5st) then my FIL became very very ill and I have been stuggling with severe anxiety and IBS so I all kind of went in hiatus for six months, I've still managed to lose just shy of a stone in those six months due to trying to work out what my IBS triggers are (and my IBS when it flares up is unbearably painful so avoiding the triggers is a bit important!).

But I am back on pointing again but finding it hard to keep motivated so thought I'd join in, I'd like to lose another 1.5st before summer to get me to the weight I'd like to be (which sadly is still very far short of where the nhs say I should be!

Er, sorry that was a bit long, I tend to waffle... ;-)
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S: 13st5lb C: 8st5lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 20.1 Loss: 5st0lb(37.43%)
Firstly hello and welcome, what a fantastic weight loss so far! I know what you are saying about Bmi etc, but don't be so hard on yourself, the nhs are only a guide line. Most of the nhs staff are either overweight /smokers or both. Normally the preachers are the worse offenders lol :p xx