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Hello - starting again, after pregnancy and without a group


Well, have decided that today's the day to start LL again. I did it in 2007 and was doing quite well when we moved to the South Atlantic. There are no groups here of course, it's the middle of nowhere and there's only 4000 people on the whole island. I brought out 4 months of packs with me but as soon as we got here I found out I was pregnant so the packs were shoved into a cupboard and I had to go back to food. Many many months later, I have a gorgeous baby boy who will be 1 next month and also several extra stone again. I actually lost a little weight in pregnancy as I had morning sickness all day every day right up until delivery and once baby was born I just ate and ate as it was so nice to eat and not puke.

I'm horrified that a year after birth I weigh more than when I was pregnant and now's the time to sort it out. My packs are actually past their use-by date but I figure they'll be ok and I can't get replacement anyway so they'll have to do.

No groups or LLCs out here so all support welcome. I have about 6 stone to lose and I know it can be done on LL but I also know it's tough and I'm weak-willed in the face of chocolate. I've cleared the cupboards of sweet things and plan on staying out of the shops for a few days until I get into ketosis at least.

I HAVE to do it this time!
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My goodness this will be difficult but at least you can use us for moral support! You did it before so you can do it again. Don't beat yourself up about being heavier after pregnancy. If I puked the whole way through I would be too. I put on 6st in pregnancy cos I ate all the time, and even at a 9lb baby plus placenta that does not weigh in at 6st!! Every pregnancy I've had I pile the weight on, that's cos I have never had morning sickness. Whether it's during or after pregancy it doesn't feel any better to watch the stones pile on. Before you know it you'll be watching them fly off again!! x
Thanks Vikki. I've eaten already but tomorrow is another day as they say and the important thing is not to give up. I actually have to starve all day tomorrow anyway as I'm going to hospital in the afternoon for a gastroscope test so that seems a good day to start to me as I won't be able to eat anyway and it's easier to find the willpower for something compulsory like that. They'll be done with me by 4pm and that will be almost my first day over with - that's the plan anyway. How many children do you have? I'd like another but would want to lose some weight first before I face pregnancy again.
I've had 3. (10,7,2) I put on 6st the 1st time and 3st for both the other 2. I think I learned my lesson after the 1st time. I used it as an excuse to go mad! I was eating for 22 not just 2! Anyway, never mind about eating today, as you said tomorrow will be easier. I ate today too, I had cod with salad for dinner. I can't seem to stick to abstainence now. My friend has just had her 2nd child, she still had 1st to go to get to her pre baby weight when she got pregnant. She looks at it like this - so many Lbs to get to her previous weight after no2 child which she has done, then so many Lbs to get to pre preggers weight from no1 child. It has helped her to break it up like that. She's not there yet but going in the right direction!
I hope to have one more child and feel I should lose some weight before trying again. My first pregnancy was really hard, I nearly lost him 5 times, he's a miracle baby. None of the problems were weight related but my obstetrician thinks it will be rough second time around too so I don't want to make it harder by being obese. I'd have liked 3 children too but I started too late and having Caesareans means you have to space out the pregnancies a bit so I think I'm unlikely to have more than 2. But my little boy is lovely and perfectly healthy and if he remains an only child that'll be OK too.
Have eaten nothing today as couldn't eat before the test and my throat is now sore from the test so I'm quite happy to stick to shakes. Day 1 over almost and hopefully now I'm started I can keep going. Cod and salad sounds very Atkins and Atkins does work well. Hope you had a good day.
Hope it is still going well? I've eaten the biggest amount of c**p the last 2 days. Been a little stressed with the kids sitting exams for independent schools and lost the plot abit so there will be a weight gain for definate this week. I had a caesarian with my second and managed with monitoring to have a vaginal labour with my third. In fact although they said that I would never be induced due to the risk of rupture that is what they did. You are probably right to loose a bit before trying as you should have less complications than if you are obese. Chin up and keep going. Hope the results of your tests are what you want them to be! x
Hi. Ah school entrance exams I remember them well. You're probably more stressed about it than the kids are - I know my parents were. Are you getting back on track soon?
If I get pregnant here again I wouldn't be allowed to try for a VBAC as the hospital is so small it doesn't like to take risks - the next nearest hospital is 5 days away by ship so it's not like they can refer you if it starts looking dicey. I'm Ok with the idea of another C-section though. Painful but worth it if it gets me a healthy babba.
Yes, still going well. Am having a grumpy day as hubby is driving me mad but am still on LL so that's good. Tests went well - in that it confirmed my doctor's diagnosis so now they know I need surgery but I still don't know when. I have a huge acid reflux problem - have even had it when underweight - and it turns out the top of my stomach doesn't close as it should. Apparently it's easily fixed with an operation. But 1 surgeon says I should not have the op until I'm sure I've finished with all pregnancies and the other surgeon and my obstetrician says it's vital I have it before any more pregnancies as it would make the pregnancy easier for me and safer for a baby. Very confused. I hate it when they give you conflicting advice. I think I'll go see my obstetrician next week and talk to him - he got me and baby safely through a pregnancy that could have killed the pair of us so I have a lot of trust in him. But at the moment I'm pretty happy to know what's wrong and to know that it can be fixed. And I guess it's another incentive to keep on the diet as surgery is usually safer at a healthy weight.
Do you have to wait long for the kids results?
Hello IB

Welcome back to LL. I had seen your South Atlantic location for a little while and wondered how you would get your packs. All now revealed.
What a good incentive you have to succeed, to be fit and healthy for your current miracle baby and prepare for the next one.
Just think about that if you start to feel wobbly.
Although your acid/reflux may not be caused by carrying the extra weight I am convinced that most health difficulties are made worse by the harder work we give our bodies.
My motivation to start LL almost exactly a year ago was health related to something not directly caused by being overweight.
It has been miraculous for me, tremendous health improvement,more energy and motivation. Although it doesn't stop life's difficulties being "normal", slim and confident makes it so much easier to cope with everything.
Good luck to you. xxx:wave_cry:
Hi Slenda
yes, I have very good reasons to stay on track but sadly so do lots of us and it seems it's hard to keep yourself focused on the mid to long term goals. So many of us end up saying tomorrow, tomorrow and pigging out just because we want to right now or something is slightly wrong at that moment. I know that food solves nothing and makes me miserable and unhealthy in the long run but sadly I usually remember that just after I've eaten the doughnut!

Still, am on Day 5 and still hanging on in there. 6 pounds down so far. I really want to do it this time, I don't want to waste more years like this and I need to be healthier to chase after my little one now he's getting mobile!

Good to see you're doing so well. How's LL been for you?

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