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Hello! Stuck looking for a diet


I'm here because nothing works on me! My weight is holding be back in life, putting things off waiting to be thin and hiding away at home..I'm too embarrassed to go the gym even.
However I cannot afford much. SW is so much food I'm not sure I can afford it (and it's beyond me how eating so much works).
I did Atkins for 4 months and only lost 4lbs. Since then I've just been low calorie. About 1200 a day (I use myfitness pal) and I gain weight. I'm not hungry or anything and what I do eat is good food (like salmon and salad)...my down fall is toast. I find it hard to cook anything proper first thing.
So I'm here for a lurk and inspiration..I'm so stuck!
My GP did offer me orlistat but I have bowel disease and hypothyroid so can't take it.
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I am an advocate for slimming world! I too am a toast/bread person and I still enjoy two pieces of albeit small loaf brown bread in the mornings (or even better a bacon sarnie, and its free!) It does seem like soo much food to start off with but you really do see results quickly (my first week was slow, 2nd week 6 pounds..) its really not alot of shopping, i buy loads of fruit, salad, lean meat, yogurts, potatoes and pasta, few tins of beans/toms, and its not costing me more than i was spending before on other diets. I have to say i struggled too (personal not slimming world reasons) and more recently got back into it and do loads of walking... I love my food and so slimming world suits me (very little weighing, no calorie counting or panicking about carbs, just simple few principles).
Good luck whatever you choose to do hun x
I just have a bit of guilt over it! Seems a bit silly to force myself to eat more than normal and use the little money I have on it. I just want to make sure it will work before I invest in it!
I have asked SW how exactly it works but they won't say.
I'm currently doing sw from home after calorie counting on myfitness and also putting on weight, I'm a slow looser but at least I am now heading in the right direction, suggest you look round the sw part of the site and read through some food diaries, the diet is very flexible and you can adapt it easily to suit. Good luck.
Thank you! The SW food diaries do look delicious but so expensive. I can't afford that much food. Will have to wait until I'm earning more money.
Today is a typical day, two slices of toast and I'll have jacket and coleslaw for dinner. Which is plenty for me...just doesn't help me lose weight unfortunately.
I've never ever had control over my weight, I was once a size 8 and I ate all the time, chocolate and everything. Now I barely eat a thing and I'm huge! Oh and I have tried eating more to see if that made me lose weight...it doesn't.
EssexT said:
Thank you! The SW food diaries do look delicious but so expensive. I can't afford that much food. Will have to wait until I'm earning more money.
Today is a typical day, two slices of toast and I'll have jacket and coleslaw for dinner.
Change the bread to brown & make your own coleslaw & you can eat that on SW!

Honestly, it's not expensive at all, especially if you follow the green plan. You can get a bag of tesco/asda value pasta for about 30p. Also you can have unlimited potatoes & rice which are both really cheap.
If you don't eat enough food then your body stores it as it doesn't know when your next meal will be. SW free foods are foods that are filling but low in fat do you lose weight. Plus it encourages you to eat healthy food like fruit & veg which speeds up your metabolism :) I can't tell you the exact science - it just works!
Have you looked at the harcombe diet? I've always struggled to loose weight or stick to diets but I'm
Loving this one. I've lost 7.5 lbs in a week and haven't felt deprived at all
Oh not heard of Harcombe but her twitter bio is promising. Conflicting advice is certainly causing me trouble. I now see all food as bad for me, except perhaps salad and chicken!
I will have a look thank you.
I too am on the harcombe diet and as long as you follow the 3 rules very carefully it is simple and lovely food so no feeling of deprivation at all.............its a healthy eating plan for life............not a diet and can sort out cravings etc.

The science behind it makes total sense to me...........have a look and see what you think.
I joined Slimming World A few weeks ago and I've already lost nearly a stone and I feel great! I'm never hungry and I love the variety of things I can eat! My dad has recently lost 2 stone on the diet and looks better than ever, he has really inspired me to keep on track and do my best :D
Would avoiding eggs be a problem on Harcombe? I kind of made myself intolerant after over doing eggs on atkins and feel dreadful all day if I eat a straight egg (iykwim). Real shame as I love eggs!

I don't really mind if I'm left hungry..I just want the cheapest way of losing weight that actually works!
Don't have to have eggs at all if you don't want to.............I had porridge made with water, no milk, sugar or sweetners allowed tho can have milk after phase 1. I had cinnamon sprinkled on the porridge to give it a nice taste, and I even quite enjoyed it after the first few days. Now I have shredded wheat and a banana and skimmed milk for breakfast.
ah that's the other issue...I have to be low fibre too as I have bowel disease. That links to my other point, I see she talks about candida, I have done an anti candida diet to for the disease.

I have this thing where if I don't like a food, i'd rather just not eat at all. Which is where I fail at diets, I end up eating hardly anything!
Hmm I will see if I can find the book in the library so I can see exactly how much food we are talking about!
Thank you!

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