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Hello there

Hi PurpleSky, and welcome to the site! Good choice to join...you will find loads of interesting stuff on here, and lots of people to chat to and get advice and support from. If you haven't already decided on a weight loss plan, or even whether u want to lose weight or not, u will find plenty of info here. Have fun looking around and good luck with whatever u decide :)
lol atm i fit into several different categories as well i fully intend on being sensible and doing sw but i am known to crash diet and use vlcd. Also picked up some ali today going to start taking it tomorrow lets see what happens.

And thanks seems like a very friendly forum and hell i mean i;ve put my actual weight up sooooo yes quite happy here :D
LOL! It's only numbers chic! And u will find hundreds on here wiv bigger numbers than u so don't worry!
Like the way yr hedging yr bets lol! Try a bit of everything and see wot works! I really enjoy the freedom of ee on sw, but I must admit I looked at allie last wk. Only reason I didn't get it was cos I didn't hav the money! I'd be very interested to know if u think it makes a difference :)
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I can get quite obbsessive about dieting and all that and well have had problems in the past so the more support the better as i;'m less likely to fall into that kinda mindset. Price threw me a bit but i thought bugger it and for once i could actually afoard the splash out lol. Plus tesco has the 84 packs for 39 quid soo not to bad.


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Hi and welcome!

If you are doing SW then you will be eating a lot fat diet anyway so there will be little benefit from taking the pills as well. So I would just save your money - or put it aside for non-food reward as you lose weight.

Don't worry about your numbers - we are the same height and I was a bit heavier than you when I started, but 11 months later I had lost 7 stone so focus on your goals instead.

Good luck!

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