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Hello! trying to decide what to do


hi everyone :wavey:

im doing slimming world at the mo, but not happy with the way its working out for me really. thinking about starting weightwatchers instead but i did loose 2st years ago with slimfast so now im wondering whether to give that a try first?!

when i did it before it was 2x shakes a day and a 600cal evening meal. this was the days before the meal bars & soups. i think i saw on an advert that you have some 100cal or less snacks now too? do you have to? i find if i snack then i cant stop :rolleyes:

guess im a bit worried it wont work so well for me this time as it was my much younger and more active pre-baby days

sorry i have totally waffled on! so hello!! and i'd love to hear how everyone else does the plan and what your losses are like :D

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Hi ya

I stopped SF last week for weight watchers but lost 11lb from jan doing sf. You can have a breakfast (cereal bar, shake, smoothie), snack (fruit, snack bar or other under 100kcal alternative), lunch (same options as brekie - the soups discontinued but avail in some places!), another snack, dinner - 600kcals, low fat dessert or snack.

It def does work, and it was a good starter for me to losing weight. I'm now happier on ww, but i was happy for quite a while on sf as it gave me some structure back into my diet to remind me not to eat and eat and eat!

do you have to have the 3 snacks? i never did before. or could you save them up for the evening for a nice 300cal pud?

thats exactly what i need, a bit of a boost and maybe a couple of stone off then swap to WW for the final 2st.

well done with your 11lb thats really good! especially considering i have only lost 9.5lb since november on SW:(




What doesn't kill me.....
Hu Amyeve, welcome to the SF forums.

You know, for years everytime I saw the SF commercials, I always rolled my eyes. I couldn't fathom that it would work for me. But it has. I tweaked my diet a little differently than what the slimfast site recommends and I've still lost 9 lbs so far. So I think it allows for room and variation.

I don't know what the SF recommends in the UK, which is where everyone seems to be from, but when I read the side of the SF box, it is similar to what sacha said, but there is some extra calories.

Breakfast is a shake or meal replacement, then a snack bar plus some fruit. Lunch is a shake or meal replacement bar, plus an additional 200 calories (like a half of a sandwhich), then a snack bar plus some fruit. Then a sensible dinner and an evening snack of a snack bar and some fruit.

Seems like a lot of food to eat when you spell it out that way!

I do take advantage of their snack bars, but my morning snack is usually popcorn cakes instead... I like it better.. it's nice and crunchy, and I'm eating the same calories. I'm not a big fruit eater either.. So all that fruit is not too appealing. I also drink a different brand of meal replacement shake for lunch, as it is 300 calories... so I don't have to eat an extra 200 with a SF.

Even with all my variations, it still works good for me. It's the convenience I need the most.... that and not having to worry about what to eat next. There is no guessing! :)

Hi Amyeve

I am exactly in the same boat as you lol. I have just come over from trying Slimming World. I need a boost so I am giving Slimfast a go.

I am the same I did it years ago and it worked for me.

I am just having 3 shakes a day and a good healthy meal at tea. I am not counting calories as such because I know with my weight I am entitled to alot more than I am actually having but I am not depriving myself.

Today I have only had one and a half shakes and a lovely dinner. I was going to have a shake this evening but we were watching a horrible film that put me off so I had a bananna instead lol.

I hope whatever you choose you do well.

Welcome and good luck.

Sherby xx


I think the good thing about Slimfast is that it is a calorie controlled diet which takes the choice away from you for two meals, therefore removing the possibility of making mistakes.

I usually have fruit for my snacks so leaving an extra 100 cals or so for my supper, a square or two of choc or a wee sip of wine.
I think you can tweak it quite a bit as long as you eat regularly and drink lots of water.

Good luck.:party0011:


Needs a kick
Hi, SF is great for boosting your weight loss. It's very easy to follow. I lost 28Ib last year with SF but came off my wagon and put a 8Ibback on, decided to go onto WW after a failed atempt at SF this year. I've lowered my goal weight and feel WW will get me there!
Give it a try for a month you may find you enjoy it and wish to lose all your weight with SF.
Good luck and congratulations on your weight loss so far :O)
It gave me a routine which was needed...
I tried to save snacks if I wasn't gagging to have one!
ah thanks everyone! i think this is the friendliest forum out of the whole site so think ill stick around :D

i had WI at SW this morning and have gained another lb :cry:

so def time for a change ;)

Well just to give you a little encouragement in the right direction I have lost 2lbs in 2 days so far. I am day 3. I won't lie and say that I am finding it really easy because it isn't very easy but with me I am finding it bareable. The fact that I know I am losing weight is upto now keeping me motivated. What would demotivate me is if I decided to have a day off and then got on the scales at the end of the week and stayed the same or put on just because of one day. I am hoping that won't happen with slimfast.

I am weighing in on Saturday and I am hoping to be 16 stone then but lets see. Fingers crossed.

Good luck hun, you can do it. xx
ooo fingers crossed for you!

thats a brilliant result so soon, definately a good motivator. im going to get hubby to hide my scales this week i think! see if i can go cold turkey from weighing myself daily (sometimes 2 or 3 times daily:eek:)

well im all ready, got a tub of milkshake powder ready to start tomorrow. been and stocked up on WW ready meals and low cal snacks. im looking forward to bunging things in the micro this week, rather than cooking from scratch like you have to on SW.
oops I thought I had best add lol that I have lost 3lb already this week. A lb was with the low carb so that is why I am hoping to lose another 2 lb by Saturday. I am not hoping to lose 3lbs in a couple of days lol that would be dreaming I think. xx

Most people lose more weight in there first week though don't they because of water etc. Good luck everybody.xx


What doesn't kill me.....
Most people lose more weight in there first week though don't they because of water etc. Good luck everybody.xx
I still stand by that I would love to loose 20 lbs right this very second! :8855:

I'd probably loose more weight a week if I wasn't so bad at night. :eek: It used to be the weekends that wrecked my diet.. but now it seems to be the night time. After my daughter goes to bed. I really should throw out that yummy Asiago cheese spread my mom bought. It's to die for!

On a side note.. and I thought maybe not everyone would know this... did you ever wonder where the fat goes once we loose it? I researched it one night a few months ago and I learned that while most people think we expell it when we go to the bathroom... when fat is broken down, it is turned into carbon dioxide.. and we exhale it.

so Ladies... BREATHE DEEPLY!!! AND... .........EXHALE! There.... we just lost some fat. :8855:

I quite often hold my breath and suck in my gut when on the scales, I am sure it makes a difference, perhaps I should be doing some deep breathing out instead.

Re continually hopping on scales, I have been known to completely undress at lunch time for a quick weigh. Not any more of course.:sigh:


What doesn't kill me.....
I've heard holding in your breath while being weighed makes you heavier. I mean.. first, you are adding volume to your lungs.. but also by sucking in your gut, you are throwing your center of gravity off...I think that affects your weight.



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