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Hello! (waves)

Hi everyone :)

This is my first ever post on a forum anywhere (gulp!) although I have been a "lurker" on SW Minimins for some time. I'm not really a newbie, as lost 2 1/2 stone with SW last year (online subscription) and then decided to give WW a try. Unfortunately this has resulted in me losing and gaining the same half a stone this year (for various reasons, not really WW fault). So I'm back to SW, as I still have A LOT of weight to lose... and as I have all the info from last time, I don't want to part with another £60 to resubscribe to SW online as I don't think I'd get my money's worth. Although I have previously managed to lose weight ok on my own, I've decided that I need to be brave and go to a class, as I think I'm stuck in a bit of a rut. Everyone I know seems to be a super skinny minnie lol so I'll be going alone.....I'm also hoping to get support from this forum because you all seem so lovely and friendly!

Ooh - and I'm a veggie, so it's green days all the way for me - any hints and tips from fellow veggies gratefully received!
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Hello!!! welcome!!

good luck with your journey x
Welcome. The first SW group is a bit daunting when you are on your own, but its great to meet new people and you get plenty of tips to help you on your way. I find that getting weighed in class every week is great motivation!
Oh well good luck with a class im sure you will be fine.I did SW few years ago and lost but then had kids and just couldnt get to grips with it ror get my bum in gear. So did Golower and lost 5 stone so far!!
Go for it!!!!:)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi there and welcome back to SW!!!

Never think about how far you have to go as its all to easy to give up. Take it one day at a time and before you know it you will be approaching a goal.

Good luck with your journey!
Thanks for the welcome Woodsylou, Littletreasure, Isabel B and Mrs V - nice to "meet" you! Yes Littletreasure, I'm feeling a bit nervous about the first class which isn't till next Monday - one of my biggest worries is how much I'm going to weigh on the official scales as have been weighing in at home, in the morning....without any clothes on (sorry, tmi!) so since that won't be an option at class (luckily for the other people there!)I'm dreading what my actual weight will be! Your weight losses are all so inspiring as well - especially you Mrs V! Over 7 stone; that is fantastic! Thanks for the advice as well - I have a long journey ahead of me so the "one day at a time" philosophy is one I think I need to adopt.
hi snow, i joined sw a week past thurs after doing ww and i was panicking when i got weighed last week for the first weigh in as id eaten loads and id lost 1/2 a lb which isnt a massive weight loss for the first week but its a big change from ww. i go back for the next weigh in tomorrow night so i will find u and let you know how ive done. as for clothes, try and find the same thing to wear every week as its a nightmare when you hold up trousers and tops etc to see which is the lightest (i know this from ww very well)

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Hello and welcome :wavey: xx


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Hello and welcome.

I too always weigh myself in the morning, naked, after a wee and before brekkie - anything to make me lighter! My hubby laughs as I breathe out too - well airs got to weigh something?!!!!!

Good luck for the coming weeks
Hi and welcome to the site. Good luck in your weightloss journey. Like you say one day at a time and you will be fine.

Lara x
Hello! Welcome along. Glad you've decided to get stuck in with the threads.
Hope you enjoy your classes and do smashingly well with your weight loss. There's so much brilliant info on this site, so if you've got any questions just ask.

Very best of luck!
Hi snow fairy.

im like you to i have a lot of weight to lose,( about 6 stone).

your braver than me i went to slimming class once got my books and im going it alone now.

well not alone i jioned this forum and get brilliant advice, help and motavation from the kind ladies on here.

good luck on your journey, im sure you will do just great.

Wee Doll

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good luck with your weight loss journey :D

i find going to wi's pushes me to do better

Thanks everyone for the lovely welcome!:)

I know what you mean Flippinmental, changing from WW back to SW I feel like I'm eating too much! Let me know how you get on tonight - good luck and fingers crossed for another loss! My first class isn't till Monday night so I will put my official stats up then.

Jen - I do exactly the same as you and my OH thinks I'm barmy too!

Emma, I have around 6-6 1/2 stone to lose too and I'm braving the classes because I think I need a change from going it alone; I think like Weedoll says, getting weighed by someone else may just be the extra motivation I need right now...hope so anyway!

Thanks again everyone for the replies to my post....think I feel brave enough to go and reply to some other posts now!
hello and welcome!
SW groups are fantastic. i have made so many good friends by going to meetings. its great to share recipes, hints and tips with each other. you also get loads of motivation by going to a group. im a veggie too and green days are heaven!
i hope everything goes well for you at group, im sure youll be fine.
little by little the pounds add up and before you know it you'll be at goal. and when times get tough - remember how far you have already come.

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