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Hello, yet another newbie started exante today!!

Hi everyone. I am a long time lurker and finally joined the site today to coincide with starting exante.

Slightly worried, as started the day with a choccie shake which smelt lovely but tasted pretty rank! :eek: I don't like strawberry and banana milkshakes, and a bit fussy with vanilla, but normally chocolate is ok, so had high hopes for this one, but I struggled to get it down.

Do your taste buds change a bit? Is there anything I can add to it to make it taste a little nicer?

Anyway, day 1 today, so plan to be on here lots as everyone seems very supportive and I think I'm going to need it!
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Hiya, I'm a newbie too, only started on Monday but have had so much valuable advice so far.
Not sure about the shakes I'm afraid as I generally don't like them so only ordered the soup packs. I know when I first tasted them I thought they were all pretty yuck (in fact I felt quite sick after my first tomato and basil) but I think your taste buds do adapt to them as I find them quite tasty now so hopefully you'll grow to love the shakes!!
Good luck and it's nice to know of someone else out there starting out too x
Thanks kaka. Are you having soup 3 times a day then if thats all you've ordered?

I'm doing shake for breakfast, bar for lunch and soup for tea. I felt a bit sick by the end of the shake to, was just trying to down it by the end!


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S: 17st5lb C: 15st8lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st11lb(10.29%)
Yes, I decided that if I tried to force shakes down i would probably fail on the diet pretty quickly as even the best milkshakes make me gag so I reckoned that a diet plan shake wouldn't cut it!
I don't really have a sweet tooth (crisps curries pizzas etc are my downfall!) so I have half a cereal bar for brekkie as that's all the sweetness I can stomach that early in the morning, then a soup for lunch and tea. I keep the other half of the cereal bar to have a wee nibble on throughout the day if I feel peckish or save it for evening in front of the tv. So far so good, I haven't felt hungry at all, which is the strangest sensation. I'm feeling really positive about weight loss this time so here's hoping x


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Welcome Ladyshopper, not a good start then. To be honest I don't know of anybody that is having problems with the shakes other than you and Kaka, but I think you should try them very very cold, some on this forum make lollies out of the shakes.I personally have 3 shakes a day and have been on Exante for 31 days. I suppose you could also try adding sweetners but I am not sure, hopefully someone else gives you better advice.

Again welcome, like I said I have been on this diet for awhile now and have this forum very inspirational, motovational and supportive.
Thanks Mark. I think the problem is I am a bit fussy with "flavours" anyway - can't stand banana and generally don't like strawberry, although given how horrid I found the chocolate I might try a strawberry one!

I suppose if I don't get on with the milkshakes I could reconsider and do bar for lunch, soup for lunch and for tea. How well do the soups microwave, as only have a microwave at work?


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S: 18st7lb C: 17st0lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 1st7lb(8.11%)
I am not sure, not microwaved the soup I have only used boiling water from a kettle. I add the soup to a mug, add some boiling water, mix it until I get all the lumps out and then fill the mug up, I use a small whisk. No harm in boiling your water in a microwave.


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WELCOME XX Hi i tryed my 1st smoosh the other day and i enjoyed it very much , mix the shake with a bit of water into a paste then micowave it for 40secs give or take vanilla tastes better yummy
How much water did you use rose? Sounds like a good alternative to a normal shake!
Well, yesterday was my second day which I completed. Had the most horrendous headache by the evening though, so went to bed early but didn't get a lot of sleep. Seems to have eased off today though.

Yesterday I made the "muffin" with the shake, which was ok but I overcooked it slightly. This morning I'm trying chocolate "custard" which I have to say is really nice, so think that is the way to go from here.

I'm guessing we're not allowed to ask for swaps on this forum (don't want to break any rules)?

Had the vegetable soup last night with a load of spices in, which was really nice as well. Have liked both the mushroom and the vegetable. Tonight I will try either the thai chicken or the tomato one, which from reading on here don't seem very popular! Hopefully with spices they'll also be nice, have found the soup to be the nicest meal of the day so far.
Thanks Dietkitty, I thought as much. Shame though!

Am glad to hear the headaches get better, last nights was flipping awful. I deliberately started this diet at the beginning of my 4 days off work, so am hoping that when I go back on Wednesday I'll be in ketosis and feeling good!


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hi lady shopper just a small amount of water maybe a couple of spoonfulls lkie you do a muffin . I have got to get into ketosis again had the weekend off partners birthday so im not looking forward to the withdarwals :(

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