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Hi everyone

I'm thinking of joining slimming world, trying to read up as much as poss, was hoping to get some recommendations from your good selves??!

I'm currently doing weightwatchers but feeling quite demotivated by all the counting etc.

thanks in advance :sign0009:

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Slow but sure....
SW is brilliant, it takes a little while to get into the diet but once you are you'll never go back - I am an ex WW'er (never thought I would say that) and I was fed up with counting points too, then I found SW and I haven't looked back, I am a converted SW'er now, I love the 'diet'....so come and join us. X


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
hi i did ww for years but like you got fed up with counting points . switched to sw about 6 weeks ago and after a few teething problems have finally got head around the red/green/ee days . really easy to follow. if i were you i would give it ago . ww is good for portion control but sw is fab in the respect you can eat as much as it takes to fill u up and there is lots of food that was pointed on ww is totally free . give it a go you will love it xo p.s i agree with donnie
I agree with what Donnie says - for me i lose weight very slowly but SW is great it doesnt feel like a 'diet' in my consultants words its a 'healthy eating plan for life'


Lover of Extra Easy
I also recommend SW!
It's the only slimming plan I'll do.
I don't call it a diet, but it's more like a healthy eating plan with so many options that you are never hungry and can have treats too.
I do the Extra Easy, which it is, but some people prefer green or red.
For me, the less thinking and measuring the better. It makes it so much easier to stick to also.
Thanks everyone
Do you go to class or do it online?



Nojo on the YoYo
my old WW class was rubbish, the consultant used to tell us all the ways to 'cheat' like starve yourself all day then you can have fish and chips, and me and my hubby went out this weekend and we had a chinese banquet. She was the size of a house!

I lasted a week. Then I flogged my WW crap on Ebay and joined SW. 9 stone later, I came off it. I've put a bit of weight back on these past 6 months so i'm back on it now and determined to get to my goal!

it really really really works!


Lover of Extra Easy
I go to class, on Wednesdays.
It's really good, and everyone is lovely and encouraging.
This forum is also great and everyone is so supportive.
I enjoy both!
I go to class on a Thursday best consultant and a brilliant friendly group. I go with a friend so its a social thing as well. Hope you choose SW and enjoy as much as i do. This forum is great for info, help, motivation etc. So u never feel on your own x
I would say I do it alone but I don't. I have everyone on here to help, advise and kick *ss when needed. You are never alone here so the little diet devil on my shoulder gets a swift kick in the teeth when he raises his horns. Hope you join us and wish you all the best in your journey.

i'm an ex ww'er as well, i loved ww but i really need the support of a class. the reason i joined SW was because there was a class i could get to and have not looked back.

once you get you head out off WW frame of mind SW becomes simple and the new EE plan is a life saver!!!

i love my class i do the Weighing in of people and love it. it also makes me stay to class even when i've had a bad week and my only bad weeks are of my own making not SW's making!!!

good luck xxx


I want to be fitter again
Takes some time to stop referring to Syns as points and to get your head around the different values eg a bag of wotsits WW 1 1/2 points SW 5 syns. Its great to be able to grab a banana without deciding whether it is is an avaerage size or not and not having to count out 18 grapes but just grab a bunch. having a bowl of pasta without using up all your points /Syns is fantastic freedom. My advice would be try it and see if it suits you or not xx

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