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Hello !


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Hi everyone.
After months and months of trying to find the right diet and failing miserably and gaining more I've decided I'm going back to WW. It's the only thing that ever really worked for me. It's good for portion control, it's good if I just need to grab a quick ready meal, and I get full choice what to eat.
I need to eat a fairly a low gl type diet, for health reasons, and ww will fit that perfectly.
Sick of being fat, forty (pushing fifty!), and fed up.
Just wanted to say hello to everyone, and please wish me luck. I've started a new diet almost every day for the past 6 months..but this really has got to be it.
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Hi honey, and welcome aboard. I am now following the WW plan and loving every minute of it, makes a change from the "no eating" plans for me too lol x


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Hey and welcome!!!!

I do hope you do well! Slow and steady will win the race!!!! :D


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S: 15st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 38.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you for the welcome!
I've mentioned that I'd like to shift the first stone by September but overall I'm ok with going slowly after that...I've been big for as long as I can remember. Last had a good weight loss about 7 years ago, it was at WW, I lost 2st then stopped going because I thought I could do it on my own. Well it turned out I couldn't, for me it's important to go to a meeting to stay accountable. Over the next few years I regained and then the last two years I've really piled it on.

Determined this time. I will take it slow, and the main things for me are to keep going to class and to be sure to get straight back on plan when I slip. (cos I know I will..hehe)


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Welcome Bastet - you've made the right decision of coming over to the WW side. I too tried some of those meal replacement diets. The latest being CS and I think that this one of the reasons for my 4lb gain at my first weigh in this morning plus the fact that I am on steroids. Together we can all get there at our own pace. I too am hoping to be down at least a stone come October for my holiday to Vegas.


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hello bastet and :welcome: to the forums and WW!

Good luck on your weight loss journey

Sharkbait1983 x


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Welcome back to ww. I'm pushing 50 myself and refuse to be fat and 50. This forum is so supportive it really helps with the morivation, so good luck to you. We will be slim and 50


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Hi Bastet, I began following WW again this Thursday. I know that if you follow it and stick to your points it works. The thing I like about it is that provided it's within your points, no food is forbidden and it's very easy to slot into your life. Of course, whatever plan you follow there are tough times when you fall off the wagon and feel like giving up. I lost weight two years ago and then went on a cruise where there was unlimited food and of course because you've paid for it, you think you have to eat it all! Needless to say I put quite a bit back on, however, I should have got back on track when I got home but have spent the time since faffing around, trying different things. I know personally I need the discipline of counting points.

Best of luck in your weight loss journey.

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