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I've been on a change of lifestyle / weight reduction regime for 3 and a half months and I'm finding it a lot easier than I thought.

I had gradually let my weight go up and up until, my BMI was over 35 and the doctor wasn't happy about doing a non-urgent op until I'd lost a bit. That was my trigger and I researched the best way to go and it's working great.

I really thought it would be harder - the keys to it have been getting success and not missing out on occasional "treats". Once it started to come off I felt better and better and when I started to fit into old clothes and have to buy new ones the motivation just went up.

The treats have been on meals out, weddings. holidays etc. where I've eaten more than usual and had puddings that I wouldn't normally have.

Anyway I'm still going and came on here to encourage others and to get advice on keeping the weight off / stabilising when I get to a level that i am comfortable with.

Before and after pics will follow...
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Hi there and :welcome2: to the forums. I must say you have a similiar outlook to me, I don't believe in total deprivation of favourite foods, thats just setting yourself up for failure! So I also allow myself little treats.

Mainly I have cut back on my consumption of things and am doing more exercise, I lost over 1st already. You've got to allow yourself some of lifes little pleasures now and then haven't you!

I was appalled when I saw pics of myself at just over 14st, I looked like a heffalump so that was when I took action. Plus none of the nice clothes fit me anymore.

Glad to have you on board here and I hope to chat with you soon!
Hi and :welcome: to the forums, congrats on your fantastic weight loss so far!
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Sharkbait1983 x
hey there, welcome to the site :) hope you're having a brilliant time exploring. looking forward to seeing the pics - i can imagine you will be a great motivation to other males who stumble across your thread. well done on losing all that weight so far - you've jumped the halfway hurdle and are definitely well on your way to completing your journey :) x


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Good luck Tim!!!


Trying to lose weight
Hi and :welcome: to MiniMins.

Sounds like you have managed to go it alone for some time now, I'm sure you will be able to help some others on here with your enthusiasm.

Sounds like you have the right way to think with regards to the "treats" and also the motivation when you fitted into old clothes and had to buy new clothes.

I'm sure everyone here will be able to help out and will also be thankful of any help and motivation that you may bring to them.

Good luck with maintaining your Diet and also helping others to get onto track. :)
Thanks all. Gone a bit flat this week and had a meal out with loads of wine so I need remotivating to get back on track.
You need remotivating heyyy? Take a look at the inspiration slide show (in the blue bars at the top of the screen) and also have a peep in the success stories section. xxx
That seemed to work. Stuck to a heavy detox couple of days and seem to be back on track again.

Thanks all!
Fantastic results Tim, well done.

You've hit the nail on the head about treats. Sadly over the last couple of years I have had treats several times a day resulting in weight gain!

Treats are just that, to be enjoyed on special occasions and I am now reprogramming my brain with the help of lighterlife lite that I don't need to eat four or more bars of chocolate a day!

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