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Hi there!! I'm Rachel and started sw 4 weeks ago, but going it alone at home!! First week lost 5lbs, second wi lost 3lbs and third week also lost 3lbs!!! Whoo Hoo.

Fourth week weigh in gained a pound. Determined not to fall off this early on.

Staring weight 16st 8lbs(sigh)
Current weight 15 stone 12lbs.

Been following some of you guys and getting really handy tips, so thought I would bite the bullet and join in. Need the support u all give each other Just hope I'm not a billy no mates that no one speaks to lol.

Onward and upward!!!
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Hi Rachel, I'm Frankie. I joined SW a couple of weeks before you, but I go to class. This site is great for hints and tips and also recipes! Sometimes I feel like a bit of a billy no mates, but to be fair I wouldn't want to sit and read the rubbish that pours out of my head either!!
Good luck with your SW journey- I'll be reading!

Hey Frankie! Thanks for replying.

It's good to talk to someone else who is fairly new to all this. I have been doing a bit of stalkingon here to be honest (lol) and have gotten a lot of tips already. Think I might start a food diary also, might help me out?

Think I need to start exercising too, but don't really want to do gym as too self conscious. Maybe one day.

Whereabouts in the world are you?

Looking forward to speaking soon. Hapy slimming!!!

Hi Rachel

I am fairly new to SW too my second WI tonight and lost another 2lb so am happy with that. If it comes of quicker all the better but not going to worry over it - its a loss so its all good.

I have bought a Wii Fit so will be starting to use this tomorrow to see if that helps and also will be walking a bit more me thinks lol.

Good luck hun x
I did lot's of stalking before I plucked up the courage to join! I find the diary really helpful- it makes you think a lot more about what you're eating when you have to write it down all the time! I'm quite lucky exercise wise as I'm a dog-walker so manage to get a good 2-3 hours walking every day! I've also joined a zumba class which is great because everybody's so busy trying to watch the instructor that they don't even notice me messing up at the back! I go with a group of friends and it's really fun. I also love Just Dance/Wii Fit on the Wii.
I'm in Kent. You look like you're doing really well so far well done!



Plodding on.......
Hi Rachel,

Welcome to SW and minimins.

I think exercise helps but is not essential. I haven't done any exercise yet (for various reasons) but it hasn't affected my losses ( although I think it will help them if I can start).

I would really recommend keeping a food diary (either here or at home) - it will help you keep on track and count all your syns. However it is one of those 'do as I say, not as I do' things - I keep meaning to do one but don't get round to it. However if my losses slow down, I will definitely start as I have found in the past it's really helpful. I tend to (conveniently) 'forget' about my syns sometimes if I don't keep one.

And WOW Frankie - look at your losses. That's fantastic. Well done. You must already be feeling that :)

Hope you get on well Rachel (and the other newbs)

Gail x
Thanks Gail, Frankie and Suki-Meg for your messages.

I guess its just nice to know that I am not alone.........

Gail - WOW!! You have done so well, I only hope that i have as much will power and determination to do this as you! And its encouraging to know that you didn't do any exercise....i kinda figured I would hold that one into reserve until the losses slowed!

Going on hols in 7 weeks and would like to try and get at least into the 14s if i can. Think this is achieveable......although colleague leaving work today and we're all going out for a curry. At least i'm driving, so diet coke all the way!!!

Suki-meg, will be interested to know how you get on with the Wii, heard lots of different stories and can't decide whether its worth investing or not.

Speak to you all soon and hope you have a good day.

Hi Rachel-
I think the Wii is something you'll either love or hate! It's probs a good idea to try out someone else's so you get a feel for the games before you think about buying one. I'm lucky- it's my mum's and she already had Wii Fit so didn't have to spend out on anything. Will def buy one when I move out though as I'm only passing through here (yet again!!). It does sometimes take a lot of willpower to get off the sofa when there's something good on the TV and switch the Wii on instead, but I definitely feel better for doing it!

Good luck,

Hi and welcome to everyone who has recently joined this fantastic forum and well done for such fantastic weight losses! I have become a bit of an addict on here and find it really helpful. We are all here to help each other and to pass on helpful tips. Good luck everyone!
Just got back from work colleague leaving do. Indian but had chicken rogan josh and boiled rice, and diet coke and might have sneaked a poppadum too. No other sins today!

Wi on sat. Fingers crossed for me girlies!



Plodding on.......
Hi Rach1973,

Sounds like a good evening. I go out for loads of meals and have learnt to manage that on SW. It hasn't been a problem for me. Hope you enjoyed it and well done for choosing sensibly.

Thanks for the compliment. I feel absolutely great and hope that you can feel the same way too. I just try to pick food that I like so that I don't feel deprived and use my syns.

Gail x
Gail, it's nice to know that you do the same as me and pick stuff u like. Otherwise I don't think I would keep to this.

Worried about weigh in tom, don't think I've lost and wanted at least 2 off. Was looking good until that curry!!!!

Fingers crossed!!!


Plodding on.......
Fingers crossed for you. Hope it goes well.

Gail x
Morning All!

Quick post. Weigh in this morning and lost 2.5lbs!!! Whoo hoo. Really pleased as that eliminated my gain last week plus another 1.5 off. And I wasn't 100% all week!!

Goal for this week is 1.5 off to get my first stone award. Just need to work out how u get the sticky award at bottom of post before then.

Hope u are all well and have a good day!


Plodding on.......
Hi Rach,

Well done on your loss. When you get to your stone, there are a few 'sticky' posts to help you with getting the shiny's on. I think there's one in the 'off topic' forum. I'm rubbish at it though and it takes me ages !

Good luck for this week.

Gail x


Plodding on.......
That's brilliant Rach. Well done. What a boost. Are your clothes feeling any looser ? Shouldn't be long before you start to go into the next size down. I thought it would be roughly 1.5 stone per size but in actual fact it's more like 1 stone per size or thereabouts.

Gail x

P.S. Lovin' the shiny's on your signature :)
Hi Rach!

How you doing?
I had my two dodgy weeks (first with two birthdays, so, 2 nights out and the 2nd when I went away to Dublin) and somehow managed to avoid gains! Lost 1lb the first week and 1/2lb the next! Over the moon so I'm still on the right track!
How's your weigh-ins been?

Hope you're well :D x
Hey Lucy. Thought u had forgotten about me. Well done you for two losses despite hard weeks. That's fab. You must be chuffed!!!

Had two weeks of losing half a pound which I was a bit disappointed at but at least it's a loss and not gain or sts!!!! Been food though, so not sure what's happening.

Crap week so far. In London on course alone and hate it. Hotel crap. No room service and don't like eating in hotel on me own. Course is rubbish. Been here since mon am and cannot wait to get home. Leaving at 5 today after I have fought my way thru central London. Not fun!!!

Best go as am at venue already and others are arriving. Take care Hun and happy slimming today!!!!

Hi Rach,
Aw sorry you haven't had a good time on your course, at least you get to go home today :)

Well done on your losses...its all in the right direction and it is all adding up!! We shall be skinny minnies in no time!
Got my weigh in tomorrow. I had a preliminary weigh on my mams scales yesterday (I can never resist!- too impatient) and if they are right then I am in for a very pleasant surprise but I'm trying not to pin my hopes on that as they was 2 days left to go and sometimes they are a bit off from the SW scales so we shall see!
I did have KFC this week which I was sooo mad about because I didn't even enjoy it! Grr!

What you been having food-wise? xxx

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