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Bye bye bellies!!!
I have been lurking on the Atkins board all week and thought that I should say hello:flirt2:!
I started Atkins on Monday. Its been great, so far. I scared to say too much because I have started so many diets and fell off the wagon really quickly. Im following Atkins/Michael Eades and just basic low carbs (25-35g per day). Weigh in on Monday so fingers crossed because I have ALOT to lose :eek:.

Andi x
PS Anyone read Gary Taubes books?
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Hi Andi and welcome, you will love it here, we have all shapes and sizes here and people are uber helpful.

I've not read the Taube books but know others have :)


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Lots of advocates of Taubes here, though I haven't read him either. What's the michael eames one?

Welcome, and one thing you have in common with about 90 percent of us is having fallen off a diet before. You picked yourself up and that's the main thing.
post, post post, welcome and jump aboard xx
Hi and welcome!

I'm reading The Diet Delusion at the moment, I'm about half way through it. What a fascinating read! Even though I haven't finished it yet it has made me look at the health food and diet industry in a whole new light, as it appears that despite the millions of pounds spent on scientific studies, no-one has yet been able to prove that a low-fat high-carb diet will extend our lives or even make us any healthier!

The boom in the production of refined carbs since the mid 1800's has changed the way we eat out of all recognition, and this is a tiny blip in the evolutionary time line - evolution hasn't caught up yet and won't for a long time, so our bodies are still programmed to expect the neanderthal diet of vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds and meat and fish - they just cannot cope with refined sugar, white flour or even white rice.

I recommend this book to EVERYONE on this forum, it's a must-read!!


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Hi and welcome!

Good luck, and I'm sure you'll enjoy! :)
Hi Andi and welcome to the board and Atkins

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