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Hi. I've just signed up to the Dukan diet. Today was my first day of the attack phase and already I'm wondering how I'm going to get through tomorrow. Especially with left over Easter egg lying around the flat! I need some inspiration, recipe wise. Apart from the odd bout of Weightwatchers, I've never followed a particular diet before, so it'll be interesting to see how this pans out. I want to lose about 17-20 lb. Wish me luck!
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Hey. The attack can get a bit difficult, I was sooo happy when I could have veg! Lol. During my attack phase and on PP days Ive had steak (fried in low cal spray) with some extra light philidelphia on top and bacon (fat cut off). Was really tasty! Also, you can make your own fishcakes bound with egg and oatbran and I also discovered that prawns mixed with chopped chilli and natural yoghurt is really tasty! I was very suprised but it was really yummy!

I've been on it for two weeks now and the best moment was fittin into my jeans which I could not fasten before (that was two weeks ago) now the are baggy!

If you are adventurous with food and recipes you will really like the dukan diet.
I don't feel like I'm missin out on anything so it's not hard. Sugar free jelly is a good snack (I took it to the cinema with me last week while my friends sat with chocolate lol)

Sorry for rambling, I hope that helped.



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That's really helpful, thanks Emma. It's only been one day but the thought of eating another boiled egg is driving me crazy. You're allowed extra light philidelphia? And bacon? That changes everything!

I'll have to look around for some good recipes and do a good shop tomorrow.

Ta :)


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No problem. My dad and step mam started this diet last year so they took me shoppin and introduced me to all the secrets lol. They lost 5 stone between them so have done really well. I've lost ten pound in two weeks. I didn't weigh myself before I started which was stupid lol.

Also, the extra light Philly can also be used to make a cheesecake! Mix it with vanilla essence and sweenter Yummy! Good for sweet tooth as long as u don't eat loads.

I eat lots of bacon just cut the fat off, pork is quite salty tho so just gotta drink lots of water. Can't beat bacon and eggs on a morning!

Also for lunch I tend to take chicken to work. Different flavoured ones (I always check the carbs and fat on the pack but they are usually really good) they are really tasty. And the vanilla low fat muller Yoghurts with oatbran in make a great breakfast.

Eee so sorry for rambling! Hope it helps tho :) x


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It's really not bad. I was going mad on my first day then I headed to waitrose with my friend and discovered all the different fish and chicken! The best thing is that you don't feel hungry and don't feel like ur missing out on anything. I really think it's sustainable if that's the right word. Let me know how you get on!

Ps. If you go out for lunch or tea I have discovered nandos is the perfect place. Half a chicken (with salad on a PV day) just avoid the skin - tho I do use the nandos sauce which is naughty I suppose lol


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2lbs lighter today (I know it won't last...)! And there's a Waitrose not too far away. Thanks v much, Emma. I was wondering what I'd got myself into.

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