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weighs a lot less
your not supposed to add anything to the shakes , personally i think you are very brave even trying it !!! good luck with your LT journey xx
Hiya Jackie and welcome. I couldn't stand the chicken soup myself but we're all different! In my first week, the chemist only had strawberry so my first chocolate one felt like heaven.
How have you got on today?
Hi Jackie, :) I'm new here too.
I am starting tommorrow and would like to know the same thing.My pharmacist told me I could add chilli flakes or garlic but I'm not so sure:confused:
Hopefully someone in the know will come along soon.


I will conquer!!!
Thanks for the replies girlies :) Am doing ok. Yesterday was really hungry all day & it's murder cooking tea for the family but I didn't cheat once :clap: which for me is a miracle lol. Was confused with the pepper because the pharmasist said I could mix the shakes with a fruit tea ie raspberry so I didn't get why I couldn't add a bit of pepper to my soup! :confused:
Jackie xx
Sorry honey but strictly speaking you shouldn't add anything to your soups or shakes, and raspberry tea is a no no unless its a leaf tea - only leaf teas are allowed x
I thought pepper was ok? Might be wrong tho....
My pharmacist says nothing until refeed. I had chicken soup first two weeks and now have cut it out altogether as I hated it!!! Good luck with your journey and keep checking in here - I swear it has saved me a few times!

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